CBD and vitamins: the winning combination against autoimmune diseases?

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The story of a miracle: affected by multiple sclerosis, she walks again thanks to CBD

When Anat Avisar Koren (37) got pregnant, the bureaucracy withdrew her permission to consume medical cannabis that she used regularly for pain relief. This decision resulted in Anat's health collapsing, and within two weeks she found herself in a wheelchair unable to walk, likely for the rest of her life. Doctors diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a potentially crippling neurological disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

LifeAid combo

Anat's condition quickly worsened and she was therefore pregnant, unwell and disabled. Anat decided to fight the MS attack. However, she quickly discovered that there is no cure, there is virtually no information online, and there is no medical solution to her desire to walk again and to be a “normal” mother to her daughter.

She began to study the field of nutrition and dietary supplements on her own; she used her own body as a guinea pig and within a few months she discovered a combination of vitamins and CBD oils that managed to achieve an incredible result: Anat could get up from his wheelchair and walk again.

The nutritional combination LifeAid combo, which includes CBD oil (Cannabidiol), different combinations of vitamins, such as B12 and D, and plant extracts (all ingredients are FDA approved as dietary supplements).

“The doctors said I probably wouldn’t be able to walk again,” says Anat Avisar Koren. “I laughed and started working on getting out of the wheelchair. It took a few months and I was right. They were wrong.”

Anat's success story was something she wanted to share with other autoimmune disease patients all over the world. She decided to do research to test with other people who are in pain. She invented the LifeAid combo, anti-autoimmune potency capsules, dosed at 65% CBD and which combine the different dietary supplements that have helped her. 1 participants tried LifeAid Combo components twice daily for 349 months. The study included participants in 3 autoimmune test groups (Guillain-Barré + MS - 5 patients, rheumatoid arthritis - 248 patients, Crohn's disease - 107 patients, asthma - 98, vasculitis - 435 patients) and 150 control group (fibromyalgia - 1). The data was collected by the patients themselves using a daily questionnaire and supervised by the YU research center, doctors and pharmacists - Batya Kornbaum and Baruh Styr.



Research has shown outstanding results, among them: 72% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis had improvement in pain, 65% of patients with MS had improved mobility and 61% of patients with Crohn's disease. reported sleeping through the night (for full results see attached table). The number of seizures fell to 0 among all participants. Additionally, the following percentage of participants from each group showed significant improvement in the respective health aspects within 100 days of participating in the LifeAid combo (P <0,001, Pearson test):

Guillain-Barré + SEP Polyarthrite rhumatoïde Crohn's disease Asthma vasculitis fibromyalgia
Mouvement 65% 53% NP 32% 44% 84%
Tiredness 41% 39% 71% NP 28% 37%
Appetite 68% 52% 37% NP 35% 68%
BETTER SLEEP 55% 27% 61% 46% 68% 55%
Pain 57% 72% 59% 81% 46% 57%

NP: Not relevant

The introduction of LifeAid Combo has been associated with a substantial improvement in the health of all groups.

CBD and dietary supplements bring hope

Autoimmune diseases are the new epidemic in the western world as 10% of the world population suffers from chronic autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, treatment today includes drugs that carry a risk of serious side effects that sometimes almost outweigh the damage from any autoimmune disease (steroids, for example, have been linked to viral infections, HPV and even cancer). Without the patient testimonials, none of this would have been known, and most of them were not reported by the FDA during the drug approval process. Patients are becoming the best experts on their own bodies, especially those with chronic ailments with decades of experience. Anat and 1 patients are living proof that CBD oil works well with the right amount of vitamins.

Coming soon, she will present her results at the Multiple Sclerosis Congress in Amsterdam, and tell her story. She will be the first person not to be from the medical profession to speak at this congress.

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