Research to prove the effectiveness of CBD against schizophrenia


One study demonstrates that CBD can be effective in treating the symptoms of schizophrenia and decreasing cognitive functioning.

For several decades, the complex relationship between cannabis and schizophrenia has been debated. For years, cannabis has been accused of causing schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses. A combination of cannabis use with hereditary components is pointed out. In addition, there are traumatic experiences of childhood that could help the development of the disease. What is it really?

The studies who refer to cannabis as responsible for the outbreak of schizophrenia tend to blame THC. It causes paranoia and psychotic attacks at certain doses in some people.

The effects of CBD on schizophrenia

Researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia decided to examine the possibility that certain cannabinoids could actually treat the disease and alleviate the symptoms experienced by patients.

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La research, which was published in 2017, looked at the effect of cannabis on schizophrenia. She found that cannabinoids can relieve symptoms of cognitive function. These functions are diminished by schizophrenia.

CBD balances with THC. Thus it attenuates the undesirable effects that can result from overconsumption of THC. CBD regulates the activity of the limbic system which affects the manifestation of emotions, memory and motivation.

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Decline in cognitive function is a dominant symptom of schizophrenia, various neurological disorders, and uncontrolled drug use. Impaired functioning is characterized by learning difficulties, memory difficulties, reduced concentration and task management, and can in many cases affect daily functioning.

Antipsychotics that are designed to treat schizophrenia are effective in reducing hallucinations. However, they offer limited cognitive improvements in addition to side effects. It requires new treatment options that focus on cognitive enhancement.

Despite the many positive effects of cannabidiol, and the fact that it is not psychoactive and does not cause any side effects, its ability to improve cognitive abilities has not yet been fully demonstrated.

The aim of the study was therefore to assess the effects of CBD on the decline of cognitive function, related to schizophrenia.

cognitive disease, CBD, medical cannabis, cannabis studies, schizophrenia

Improved cognitive abilities without side effects

The research teamIHMRI (Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute) conducted a systematic review of numerous electronic databases, including articles on the effects of CBD on cognitive functions in different situations, and clinical and preclinical studies. from a variety of angles and assumptions.

"This is a very important problem, because antipsychotics do not affect the decline in cognitive function of 80 schizophrenic patients," says Ashley Osborne (Ashleigh Osborne), doctoral student in the research team. “In addition, antipsychotics have negative side effects, while cannabidiol does not show it, nor the phenomenon of weight gain. " 

The study concluded that CBD improved cognitive abilities under a number of preclinical conditions.

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An effectiveness to be confirmed

The effectiveness of cannabinoids in improving cognition in schizophrenia remains unclear due to the lack of clinical evidence. However, if CBD restores cognitive abilities, more research on its effectiveness in focusing on schizophrenia is needed, the team noted.

Due to the need for clinical evidence, the researchers conducted the second phase of laboratory research. We compare rats treated with CBD and others without treatment. The researchers used a model of rats with a prenatal infection. They looked at the effect of CBD on cognition and social interaction. They also checked the weight and the water and food intake measured each week.

The researchers found that among the rats treated with CBD had no loss of cognitive or social interaction. Likewise there was no effect on weight and food and water intake.

“We found that CBD would not improve learning and memory in a functioning brain. But it could improve learning and memory in people with dementia, neurological disorders and brain infections. Evidence and results suggest that CBD has neuroprotective abilities. Thus it can reduce the cognitive decline associated with the consumption of THC. According to Katrina Green.

This study provides important and exciting results that can change the lives of many schizophrenic patients. The team suggests CBD as a possible treatment with no side effects. However, additional clinical trials are needed.

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