France and Luxembourg, the new eldorado of “light” cannabis coffee shops?

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After Switzerland and Belgium, French-speaking countries are stepping up the sale of cannabis.

While the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is looking at the total legalization of the sale of cannabis, France is opening up to CBD cannabis by playing on a legal vagueness. 

While the WHO has removed CBD from its list of addictive products, the National Medicines Safety Agency remains vigilant for fear of seeing the molecule used without real hindsight on the long-term effects.

The French legal vagueness: a breach from which the new "light" coffee shops benefit

While French law does not yet allow access to all types of cannabis, it does provide access to CBD. Indeed, in order for the sale of cannabis or cannabis-based products to be tolerated, it is sufficient that the THC level does not exceed 0,2%.

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This is how the shops dedicated to CBD cannabis have multiplied, which we often come across under the name of “cannabis light”. In Montpellier, Max opened a shop specializing in CBD-based products. A second store will soon open in Clermont-l'Hérault.

The discourse moves away at best from the medical field. Indeed, it is a question of avoiding being condemned, as was the case in the court of Marseilles, by adopting a vocabulary too turned towards health and medicine.

Thus Joaquim, who runs a shop in the Paris region, insists on two points: he is neither a dealer nor a doctor.

France and Luxembourg, new Eldorado coffee shops cannabis "light"?
Joaquim and his “Cofyshop” - photo R.LESCURIEUX / 20Minutes

All of this new kind of coffee shops multiply since the beginning of the year. Whether in Paris, Besançon, Pontarlier, or Lille, these shops are starting to grow like mushrooms.

In all cases, the returns are the same: the shops are always full. It remains to be seen how the French authorities will react. Unless, like medical cannabis in the United States, these stores are a first opening to cannabis.

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For its part, Luxembourg is considering the opening of coffee shops

Caring for petition must demand the legalization of the sale of cannabis in a coffee shop. MPs will have to look at a bill.

However, the conference of presidents will have to validate this opinion. Thereafter, the proposal will open for signature over a period of one and a half months.

The text is precise. Indeed, he proposes that the legalization of recreational cannabis is done only through sales in specialized coffee shops.

If the text obtains 4500 signatures, a debate can then be held in the Chamber of Deputies of the Grand Duchy.

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