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A brand encompassing years of personal and professional experience

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana announced on Tuesday that he is launching a brand of premium cannabis products designed to enhance healing and spiritual well-being. Known as Mirayo by Santana, the new brand is the result of a collaboration between the iconic musician and the Californian company Left Coast Ventures.

The brand's name, derived from the Spanish words mi rayo (my ray), serves to honor the artist's ten-time Grammy Award-winning Mexican heritage, while inspiring consumers to follow the light they have. in them. Santana told High Times in a phone interview that the name "comes from the concept that God has imbued you, me and all with heavenly powers."

The brand's first offerings include five pre-rolled half-gram packs and 7-gram jars of premium cannabis flowers. The products will be available in three different varieties grown in the sun, or “consciousness categories,” including Radiance (sativa), Symmetry (hybrid) and Centered (indica). Santana hopes the new line will help those who appreciate the products find peace and let go of a sometimes chaotic world.

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“I want to be able to create a brand that gives you detachment,” he said. “Detachment means you don't give a shit or you don't care. It means that you care about each other, but emotionally, you don't invest yourself in bringing yourself down ”.

Santana says that for decades cannabis has helped create a mindset that allows “playing music with the influence of expanding mines”.

“In the past, when I took a toke, all of a sudden I heard with the same ears and I felt with the same heart like Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Garcia. And they were expanding my imagination and my expansion on how to use emotion, passion and feelings to create a note that would stay out of time for eternity, ”he explained.

To create the Mirayo product line, Santana combined her years of personal cannabis experience with the know-how of the professionals at Left Coast Ventures "who have invested much more than I in this knowledge". For example, the topical formulations planned will be based on home remedies made by his mother when he was growing up in Tijuana, Mexico.

“It was 50/50 practical,” Santana said of the product development process. “I invited them to create ointments and some things like the ones my mom used. My mom would take a piece of marijuana and put it in a jar with alcohol and let it steep for a few hours, then she would take it out and rub it in her hands or her joints, or her knees. And it healed the arthritis and the pain ”.

Benefits to support indigenous communities

With Mirayo launching into the largest legal cannabis market in the United States, cynics might suggest that Santana hopes to make personal profit from it. But he insists that his motivations are philanthropic.

“My goal is to share the financial benefits of all of this with the American Indian reservations - Navajo, Apache and Hopi, everyone - to help children around the world. But above all, I would like to make a commitment that most, if not all, of the funds go to Native Americans to help with education, ”Santana explains. “I hope we can invite sisters and brothers to become lawyers, who will be today's new warriors, scouts to protect rights that the white man does not respect. So for me, it's just about using this energy for the greater good of my sisters and brothers ”.

In conclusion, Santana suggested that a hedonistic motto popular early in her professional career be replaced with a more spiritual mantra.

Timothy Leary said “Tune in, turn on, drop out”. What we are saying today is “Take advantage of your own light, and create miracles and blessings”. The peace ".

Mirayo by Santana is available at select dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California, with priority given to Latinx-owned businesses. More information about the new brand is available online.

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