Canopy Growth to the rescue of anxious animals

canopy growth to the rescue of anxious animals 1

Canopy Growth Undertakes Clinical Research On Effects Of CBD For Treating Anxiety In Animals

The world's largest cannabis company, Canopy Growth announces that it is undertaking clinical research into the effectiveness of cannabidiol, or CBD, for treating anxiety in animals.

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Approved clinical research

Canopy Growth is a Canadian company specializing in the production and distribution of cannabis for medical use. Canopy, which is worth 7,8 billion on the stock market, has received the green light from the Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada to carry out its clinical study.

This research undertaken by Canopy is interested in CBD, in particular for its anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties that could administer to animals. CBD is one of the two active agents in cannabis. Unlike THC, it has no psychotropic effects.

But give CBD to animals is still illegal in Canada and California. Veterinarians advise against doing this! Still, it is extremely easy to get hold of the product online.

"The approval of these clinical trials marks an important step in the journey towards acceptance and recommendation of cannabis-based drugs by veterinarians." Marc Wayne, Managing Director of Canopy Health Innovations.

The Order of Veterinary Doctors of Quebec is delighted that new research is being done on cannabis. But its president urges veterinarians and pet owners to be cautious.

“Our current position is that we have to be on hold. There is no clinical study yet to recommend the use [of cannabis]. There is also no legal way to get these products, whether they contain THC or CBD ”, notes the Dre Caroline Kilsdonk, President of the Order.

Quebec veterinarians see intoxicated dogs every year, often after having eaten cannabis without their master's knowledge.

animals, clinical research, CBD, Canopy Growth
Dogs are particularly sensitive to THC, but studies on this subject are slow.

If the clinical study is conclusive, CBD medicines for animals could be on sale in pharmacies and veterinarians, on prescription.

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