Disaster and total loss of a crop at Canopy Growht

Canopy Growth may have suffered a complete crop loss at its Aldergrove, BC facility just days ago ...

The rumor is igniting the Net, and could show the world what is going on behind the curtain at Canopy Growth. A rather short video expresses all the drama of a notorious incompetence in the Canadian leader. Their Aldergrove facility would have suffered a total loss of harvest, which represents more than 15 tonnes of cannabis wiped out ...

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Crop failure at the Aldergrove production plant

Yesterday, with the destructive buzz igniting the Net, the BC Tweed production plant experienced a total crop loss, totaling 15 tonnes of cannabis lost. This news was accompanied by images and videos. But, leaders of Canopy Growth seem to play the rumor, probably not to scare their shareholders:

“Processing authorizations have been delayed due to infrastructure and regulatory authorizations. This led to the destruction of a certain number of plants… This event is not considered to represent a significant impact on the company's balance sheet ”.

It would not be so alarming if Canopy Growth had not paid half a billion dollars for this installation a little over a year ago ... But more serious is that some people claim that it is not the first time that the Algiers plant has had slight problems with its harvest… Indeed, according to some sources Canopy has managed to keep their incompetence a secret. This again shows a lack of transparency.

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harvest, BC Tweed, Canopy Growth
BC Tweed, the largest licensed cannabis greenhouse in the world ...

What happened to the harvest?

Many theories are circulating on the Internet to try to explain what happened. Canopy Growth sticks to the Press release they did yesterday, saying it's only a minor issue… Because they expected to receive the treatment license, but didn't get it… That's why they decided to stop immediately cultivation, and let the entire crop dry at that time… The company confirms that it now has the required authorization to process future crops, in the same facility….

harvest, BC Tweed, Canopy Growth
The scale of the disaster ... No green on the horizon ...

On the other hand, cannabis growers are starting to theorize about what happened. Here are some of the suggestions:

  • One theory suggests that the whole plant has been infected with botrytis.
  • According to another theory, this improvement work was carried out so quickly and so poorly that the facility was filled with pathogens, mold, etc.
  • Some people believe that the whole crop was infected with fungi, which is why they did not want to process it in another establishment.
  • Various theories claim that the failure is due to over-fertilization or copper sulfate, lack of environmental control, and inadequate air flow.
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But it is largely possible that it is, due to the lack of regulatory approvals. But also because they weren't quite aware of the extent of the losses suffered… One can suggest that Canopy Growth had its plants burst on the spot, and since it is not the first time… It is high time that the mega company took a small setback, for its professional image ...

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