Canopy and Greenhouse join forces

canopy and greenhouse join forces 3

Canopy Growth, Greenhouse Seed and Organa Labs join forces to conquer the global market

The Canadian company Canopy, considered the largest in the world, is linked to the famous landrace stump hunters of the Dutch company Greenhouse and the American company Organa. Under the tripartite agreement, the companies will sell the genetics and products in Canada and export them around the world.

Greenhouse, Organa, Global Market, Canopy

Under the tutelage of Canopy

New legalization laws and the opening of legal cannabis stores in Canada have brought two of the most important players in the global cannabis industry together. This is part of a new agreement officially signed this week. One of the parties to the agreement is the Canadian company Canopy. In addition, this company is considered to be the largest and strongest cannabis company in the world. With an estimated value of 3.8 billion, only two weeks ago ...

Greenhouse, Organa, Global Market, Canopy
Canopy number in medical cannabis production

Canopy is the owner of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Society Tweed and Spectra. As well as the exclusive franchise in Canada of the Dutch medical cannabis company Bedrocan. In addition, she is in cooperation with the cannabis company Leafs the rapper 'Snoop Dogg'and the famous seeder  DNA Genetics as well as the Australian medical cannabis society Auscann.

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The Greenhouse Company

Now joined by those who are considered one of the most successful cannabis seed companies in the world, certainly the most famous of them - Greenhouse Company. He is the Dutch producer of the famous White Widow and Super Lemon Haze cannabis strains and which have already won 40 trophies in the Cannabis Cup competitions.

Greenhouse, Organa, Global Market, Canopy
The famous stalk hunters, Strain Hunters

The Greenhouse, which has held since 1985 several clubs of Cannabis and Coffee Shops in Barcelona and Amsterdam. In addition, they are also known on a series of documentary films (Strain Hunters). The subject ? The owners of the company tour the remote areas where landraces grow. Thus, their mission is to locate the heritage of cannabis strains in their original form. In order to collect them and develop their genotypes.

The Organa company

Canopi and Greenhouse also join the company Organa from Colorado. It is one of the most famous cannabis companies in the country mainly because of its ownership of the vape pen brand. OpenVape. But it is also with a series of extracts and edibles sold in 11 states across the United States and Jamaica.

Greenhouse, Organa, Global Market, Canopy
Organa Labs in full swing

The agreement between the companies, under which Greenhouse and Orgena will acquire shares of the Canopy company, is to develop and sell the cannabis varieties and Organa products across Canada in the aftermath of legalization (2018). This will allow their ranges to be developed around the world in order to allow the export of medical cannabis from Canada to Australia, Germany, Switzerland and more ...

“Each of the companies brings with them a very interesting mix of experience, branding and entry points for the industry. "-" It is almost as if we are making a rope with extension cords, when some kind of "first time" would bring extraordinary expertise and experience to an official company authorized by the Department of Health of Canada. "

Greenhouse, Organa, Global Market, Canopy

One of the founders of Organa, Jeremy Heidi, said:

“It's a real international cooperation for the three companies. And we did it overnight. It is the largest legal cannabis market in the world. But when we think of space as long as we stay, we only scratch the surface of the potential. And with Canopy and Greenhouse the whole world has potential… ”-“ We believe that brands will be an important part of a booming industry. And, once we were given the opportunity to enter the US market. We knew it was going to be something special. "

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