Cannbit company launches cancer study

Raphael Mechoulam. Photo: Amit Shabi

The study will be led by pioneer researcher Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cannbit Ltd., the Israeli cannabis producer, will soon launch a study to test a cannabis-based treatment for three types of aggressive cancer, Cannbit announced last Thursday in a statement. communicated. The study will be led by cannabis research pioneer Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who chairs Cannbit's scientific advisory committee. Hadassah-Ein Kerem University Hospital and Sheba medical center will collaborate in the study.

Mechoulam, professor of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University, was the first person to identify the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis, THC. After his appointment to the company, Cannbit made a deal with all of his research and will invest $ 400000 in the study, plus an additional $ 2 million for a drug sales license.

Cannbit Ltd, Raphael Mechoulam
An employee checks cannabis plants at a medical marijuana plantation in northern Israel, March 21, 2017. Photo: Reuters / Nir Elias / File.

In return, Cannbit will receive an exclusive commercial license for the drug for the duration of the patent (25 years) and for any other intellectual property generated during the study. The other partners will receive 13% of the future income generated by the drug or any stage of the research.

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The study will involve efficient molecules in the fight against melanoma, neuroblastoma and glioblastoma. The Hebrew University Technology Transfer Company, Yissum, owns the intellectual property of the results of the preliminary study, which will then be transferred to Cannbit for the duration of the patent.

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