Cannatech in Tel Aviv: 6 inventions to discover

cannatech in tel aviv 6 inventions to discover 3

The Cannatech meets in Tel Aviv in Israel between the 19 and 21 next March the cannabis professionals of 40 country.

As part of this Cannatech Tel Aviv event, many inventions and technologies will be presented. The opportunity to take a quick tour of these innovations and how they can help consumers and the development of the legal cannabis industry.



Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

1. InDose - An innovative vaporizer that allows you to deliver exactly the amount of cannabis you want to consume. Thus its patented system indicates on the screen and by a sound which dose of cannabis is inhaled.

Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

The company currently produces only the vaporizer. Indeed, it does not manufacture doses yet. To this end, he is looking for new investors and partners in the field. So, in the demo kit, they offer 5 refillable doses that can be replaced. Ogi Kush, Blue Dream, Iceside, Jack Harrer and Diesel Diesel are on offer.

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Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

2. GemmaCert - This Israeli start-up allows independent companies check the percentage of active ingredients (THC and CBD) in cannabis. Thus, there is no need to be in possession of sophisticated laboratory equipment. It is also not necessary to destroy the flower. After scanning for trichomes for about 30 seconds, the results are displayed on the phone screen in a dedicated app.

Indeed, it allows consumers to learn more about the exact composition of cannabis independently. Gemmacert wishes to develop new analysis options, such as molds and toxic products. In a few months, the company plans to start selling units at cannabis stores and dispensaries. In addition, they hope that one day every consumer will have a home analysis tool.



Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

3. Mammoth Microbes - This mixture of fertilizers promises to increase yields considerably. A 16% increase in the amount of cannabis flowers and a 6% increase in the strength of plant stems is observed according to Mammoth. Indeed, the company claims that they are the leaders in their field, using unique microorganisms.

On the company's website, they offer tables with fertilization data and details that explain why they are number one in this area.

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Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

4. Indorz - This sophisticated detection system that provides full control over growing conditions in a closed facility. Thus, special sensors ensure the health of plants, from the roots to the top.



Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

5. Verticann - this device focuses on the growth of commercial cannabis (growing vertically) in closed facilities. Plants grow on floors and in the middle of a row of main light poles. This allows savings in the production area.



Cannabis inventions, Gemmacert, Indose, KNALYSIS, Cannatech

6. Knalysis - This application displays tables, graphs and analyzes of cannabis consumption. So you just have to answer a questionnaire to have access to this data.

In addition, Clima LED will also present high quality grow lights, BudBuds, sensor and application system, Merxin, but also CBDMedic, CIITECH, CBDClinic, which sells CBD products (creams, oils, etc. .). And of course the Israeli medical cannabis companies such as Tikkun Olam, IMC and Shisha.

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