Cannabis use increases among seniors

Study: Cannabis use among seniors has increased by 75% in 3 years

Consumption increases sharply in people over 65, according to a study, and there are serious risks. according to CNN and research published February 24 in le American Medical Association Journal, 2018 saw the number of seniors who use cannabis double since 2015. “I am an absolute chronic insomniac. I've been since I was a toddler, it drives me crazy, ”said Carol Collins, a senior California-based cannabis patient. "I take this little pill and it just makes me sleepy so I can sleep and don't leave me hungover in the morning." "

“What I see in my clinic are a lot of older people who are very curious about cannabis to treat this or that disease and chronic symptoms,” said Dr. Benjamin Han, assistant professor of geriatric medicine and palliative care at NYU. Grossman. School of Medicine and study co-author.

In addition to the recent growth in cannabis use among seniors, the numbers are steadily rising. In 2006, 0,4% of people aged 65 reported having used cannabis. By 2015, that number had doubled, and it doubled again in 2018.

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However, despite the fact that most older people use cannabis as a medicine, some healthcare professionals are concerned about the sharp increase in cannabis use among older people with conditions like diabetes. There was a relative increase of 180% over the study period in people with diabetes using cannabis. The problem is, unlike other conditions, like cancer, diabetes is not known to be treated with cannabis.

This is not the first data collected showing that cannabis use among the elderly is increasing. Another recent study shows that the elderly are the fastest growing group that uses cannabis, and despite the stigma that older people are against cannabis now, most support this use.

Disturbing results

Overall, researchers found a significant increase in cannabis use among women, among those with a university education and those with higher incomes. The study also found that cannabis use increased regardless of ethnicity.

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Additionally, research suggests that cannabis use among seniors with diabetes increased by 180% from 2015 to 2018 and by 95,8% among those with other chronic conditions. Cannabis use also increased by 157,1% during the study period among those who received mental health treatment.

Today's cannabis is much stronger that what was used "back then" and that the body of the elderly is not the same as when they were younger, and that "people should make sure that they are educated about the medication that is 'they use. " 

The study also suggests that simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis among people 50 and older also increased, which the researchers say is riskier than using either alone.

Data for the study comes from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

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