Free therapeutic cannabis in Sicily

The Sicilian Region will cover the costs incurred by patients

Green light in Sicily for therapeutic cannabis. This Tuesday, the chief and health adviser of Sicily, Ruggero Razza, signed a Decree which will provide free medical cannabis and cannabis products to Sicilian patients. The drug will be free for patients with chronic, neuropathic pain and spasticity due to multiple sclerosis, and will turn to public health facilities. A decree which defines in detail all the rules for prescription, preparation, supply and reimbursement of masterful or even industrial preparations based on cannabis for medical use.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal throughout Italy since 2013, but patients generally have to pay. Italian doctors obtained the right to prescribe medical cannabis in 1990, although Italy only officially legalized medical cannabis in 2013. Currently, army Italian grows and distributes the country's cannabis supplies. An Italian medical strain, FM2, produces two recently discovered cannabinoids, THCP and CBDP. Researchers have discovered that THCP can be 30 times more powerful than THC , the compound primarily responsible for the buzzing characteristic of weeds.

Italy is not the only country to treat this plant as a medicine. Earlier this month, the government Thai opened a clinic that distributed free cannabis oil to elderly patients. And, last year, the government Irish approved that medical cannabis be covered by insurance plans, ensuring that patients have easier access to the plant. In Canada, patients can cover their cannabis costs by certain private insurance, although most policies, including the federal government, still do not cover it.

The prescription of the drug should be carried out exclusively on the basis of a therapeutic plan of a maximum duration of six months, possibly renewable. Not all doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis, but only doctors employed by regional public health companies, specialists in anesthesia and resuscitation centers, neurology and pain treatment.

Cannabis will be available in 3 forms for ingestion: either in the form of herbal tea, capsule and by inhalation (through specific vaporizers) and through oil for oral use.

“A big step forward has been taken - says the Medical Cannabis Patients Committee - even if we are not fully satisfied because many pathologies have remained outside and there is still a lot of work to do to guarantee the right to healing for everyone. But do not give up and we will continue to point out the critical issues facing institutions, as we have always done, with seriousness, persistence and determination. We have also been informed that training courses for doctors are already organized and will be given by order of doctors in all provinces. Sicilian ".

For the Committee, the battle continues: “We thank the Department for the sensitivity on the subject - confirms the chairman of the committee, Gaetano D'Amico - but now the challenge will be culture in Sicily. We are interested in this and the Sicilian Agricultural Development Authority has also made its fields available for cultivation on site for therapeutic purposes. ”

Ruggero razza

The Sicilian leader of Più Europa, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, speaks of a turning point: “It was in July 2018 when one of our delegations, together and thanks to the commitment of the Committee, asked the Ministry of Health to put in place places the technical charter on cannabis for therapeutic use in Sicily, dusting off the bill that I presented years ago on the subject at the regional assembly of the drawer. Today, after years, something has finally changed. A big thank you to all the members for the skill and tenacity, but especially to Councilor Razza for the seriousness and the sensitivity which he showed. A battle won over the slogan from the heart of the patient at the heart of politics

Five private pharmacies that produce the drug are located in Agrigento, Catania, Palermo, Ragusa and Syracuse. The decree of the Sicilian Region is the end point of work carried out, for more than a year, by a technical table set up by the Health Advisor and requested by certain associations, including the Ter BIS of Catania and “Exist rights”From Palermo. “We thank Councilor Razza for the demonstrated sensitivity and for the decree which has just been signed - says Giuseppe Brancatelli de Bister - this is an important result, as associations we will continue our action in order to widen the public of diseases for the free administration of the drug ”.

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