Cannabis & Paranoia

Cannabis & Paranoia

Cannabis and Paranoia - Why and how to protect yourself

Most people can recall a paranoid episode during a “high” of cannabis. It manifests itself by alternating between distressing periods, and others more or less gentle, such as finding oneself in a fetal position above a pile of Doritos… In a journey the most important is the destination, as sometimes the discussion is more important than the conclusion… Pre-existing anxiety affects your experience with cannabis, but it is useful for post traumatic stress disorder. Together let's kick the prejudices about cannabis that make you paranoid.

The paranoid episode

Paradoxically, some people use cannabis as a way of annihilating their anxiety. Even patients with post-traumatic stress syndrome, the  PTSD (Cannabis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) use medical marijuana to limit symptoms of panic, with remarkable success rates. Even though we sometimes find paranoia when taking Cannabis, we can literally say that this comes from the Head ^^ Cannabinoids (including THC) bind to neuroreceptors in the brain, many of which are focused in the tonsil.

The tonsillar complex is involved in the emotional behavior of the individual, reacting with responses such as fear, stress and paranoia ... When THC acts on the amygdala, it modifies the neural communication making it better or " bad "...

The amygdala or tonsillar complex
The amygdala or tonsillar complex

THC can overexcise neuronal pathways and lead the subject of anxiety to paranoia. And this especially for newcomers to the cannabis world. The mechanisms by which this occurs are still unclear to researchers, but the endocannabinoid system appears to be a good advisor in preventing paranoid episodes.

The endocannabinoid system

By predisposition, our body contains the necessary receptors for substances called Cannabinoids. There have been shortages in the endocannabinoid system, in brains exposed to intense stress or trauma. This could explain why THC has a relaxing, anti-stress effect in some cases.

This theory of marijuana cannabinoids complements the data concerning the standardization of therapeutic cannabis. This link was well studied in the case of PTSD. Thus the implications are equally promising for various mood disorders.

Pre-existing anxiety affects your cannabis experience

A study by 2009 concludes that "frequent users of cannabis seem to have higher levels of anxiety than non-users" and that a considerable number of subjects develop behavioral problems before the first symptoms of cannabis addiction.

This has led researchers to believe that worried or anxious people tend to use cannabis as a medicine against their anxieties. This therefore opposes the idea that cannabis is the factor that causes so-called anxiety. While these trends in cannabis use are useful for the broad behavioral spectrum; researchers recognize that anxiety is highly individualized. In addition, it is based on many risk factors:

• Genetic vulnerability

• Frequency of use

• Personality

• Gender

• History of Paranoid episodes

• Presence of psychological disorder

• Thresholds of anxiety

• State of abstinence

And when you prepare a mix, there are a few other factors to consider:

• Dose

• Cannabinoid (THC) levels

• How to consume

While anxiety is undoubtedly unique and diverse for each individual, the researchers noted that regular users tend to decrease anxiety. While occasional users and newcomers tend to intensify paranoid episodes. Anxiety is also produced by high doses of THC.

High Shoot

However, it is impossible to say how cannabis will affect you personally unless you have tried it yourself. Harmonization of biological and environmental factors can help you have a better experience.

How to avoid the anxiety and paranoia induced by taking Cannabis?

The Beneficial Fashion of “Cannabis-infused” Marriage

If you are subject to the anguish of cannabis, do not worry - there are ways to prevent this worry. Here are some examples:

• Try grass that is low in THC and / or has a high level of CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that combats stress, and counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC, resulting in a quieter and more insightful experience

• Take it easy on the Dose. No Tobacco blend! and above all, the vaporization which allows you to best scale the illegible dose you need, in order to limit the High

• Find a comfortable place, spatial and environmental arrangement strongly reduces panic and paranoia

• Choosing the right companions

• Each species offers a different chemical alternative; salivas tend to provide more energizing effect, tending than indiças heavier effects, and more relaxing

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