At 11 years, she can take cannabis at school

A judge has made a decision with potentially significant consequences. He allowed an 11-year-old girl from Illinois with epilepsy to use medical cannabis in school.

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Illinois. On the other hand, students and schoolchildren are unlawful in taking it within a school. More seriously, even nurses are not allowed to administer cannabis for therapeutic purposes. But from now on, Ashley Surin, an 11-year-old epileptic girl, is the exception.

Ashley Surin and her parents

Young Ashley survived diagnosed leukemia at the age of two. She underwent extensive chemotherapy. The consequence of his treatment: epileptic seizures. Its treatment consists of the administration of doses of cannabis.

His mother, Maureen Surin, told NPR (National Public Radio) that since the beginning of cannabis medical treatment, his seizures have dropped dramatically.

“We are amazed at his progress,” said Maureen Surin.

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A lawsuit to rule on the use of medical cannabis

Her parents filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday against the school district and the state of Illinois.

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They claim that the ban on medical cannabis in schools violates the law on the right to education of people with disabilities.

Friday, Judge John Robert Blakey has ruled in their favor. The school district was concerned that his employees would be subject to legal sanctions for helping Ashley with his medications.

“What people seem to misunderstand is that medical cannabis is a prescription like any other drug,” said the girl's lawyer, Steven Glink. “Banning it at school would be like banning other drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall or Concerta. "

Lawyers from the school district and Attorney General's office will be meeting in court next week. Their goal is to work on a long-term plan to help Ashley.

Ashley uses a patch on her foot and an oil extract on her wrists.

epileptic, cannabis in school, Ashley Surin, Illinois, cannabis medical
Medical patch made from cannabis

"No one is saying she wants to bang herself in math class," the judge said according to reports. reported by Chicago Tribune.

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Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, but only three - the New Jersey, Maine et Colorado - say that schools must allow students to use their legal prescriptions at school. For example, in Washington state, schools are not legally required to allow the use of a cannabis treatment on site. Instead, schools can decide for themselves.

epileptic, cannabis in school, Ashley Surin, Illinois, cannabis medical

“Ashley can't wait to go back to school,” Glink told NPR. “Which will happen on Tuesday. "

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