Cannabis industry takes steps to promote social equity

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Organizations that strengthen social equity

Like protesters in the United States seeking to address issues raised by the death of George Floyd and other cases of police violence, the cannabis industry has taken steps to promote social fairness and opportunity. commercial in the sector.

Below, the Marijuana Business Daily, offers a range of organizations and projects that support, encourage and strengthen social equity in the cannabis industry, opportunities for minorities, general diversity and racial justice, as well as other issues facing cannabis producers.

CE Hutton

CE Hutton, a minority-focused business development and management company, provides a variety of tools, including support in raising capital for entrepreneurs and businesses in the cannabis industry.

Drug Policy Alliance "Drug Policy Alliance"

La Drug Policy Alliance aims for a “just society in which the use and regulation of drugs is based on science, compassion, health and human rights”. The organization's website contains information on “race and the war on drugs”.

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Human Rights Watch

If theHuman rights observatory covers many issues, racial disparity in arrests and convictions for drug trafficking is one.

Political project on marijuana ”Marijuana Policy Project's "

Le MPP Lobbyed for cannabis law reform across the United States. The organization's website contains information and resources relating to race, justice and cannabis.

Minorities for medical marijuana "M4MM"

M4MM focuses on advocacy, outreach, research and training in business, social reform, public policy and health / wellness in the cannabis industry. The programs include apprenticeships in the cannabis industry and the quashing of possession charges.

National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance

La ndica was founded "to create social equity, social justice and diversity for those affected by the war on drugs". The organization offers events and programs and is a qualified provider for the Los Angeles Social Equity Business Development Program. LA's program helps entrepreneurs and businesses apply for business licenses and the like.

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NuLeaf Project

Le NuLeaf project aims to "tackle the capital, education and connection barriers that people of color face when entering the cannabis industry."

The organization, according to its website, "invests cannabis taxes and corporate income in businesses in Portland, Oregon, owned by people of color and professionals of color from Portland."

The Sentencing project

The project " sentencing Provides research and analysis to set priorities for the campaign around criminal justice reform, including racial disparities.

Students for responsible drug policy

La SSDP defines itself as "the world's largest network of young people dedicated to ending the war on drugs". A postal code search on the group's sites directs users to local advocacy tools.

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