Cannabis and demotivation: myth or reality?

cannabis and demotivation myth or reality

One of the arguments against the use of cannabis is the lack of motivation it creates. According to detractors of the plant, it could harm the future of young people. But what is it really?

The image of the cannabis smoker is too often associated with lack of motivation. Yet a new study American teenagers found no connection between the two.

cannabis, demotivation

The results of this research were published in the new issue of the journal Substance Use & Misuse. Thus, it was observed that neither the occasional or regular use of cannabis among young people did not lead to a decrease in motivation. We already knew that smoking a joint had no influence on the intelligence of young people.

The researchers, led by Dr. Pacheco-Colon of theFlorida International University, examined the relationship between cannabis use and motivation in 79 adolescents aged 14 to 18.

“Previous studies have shown mixed results, mostly based on examples from adults,” they said. “This study examined the relationship between cannabis use and several effects on adolescent motivation. "

cannabis, demotivation

These new results come to confirm the lack of correlation that had previously been observed.

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Similar results for regular and occasional smokers

The participants were divided into two groups. On one side were regular and long-time users, and occasional smokers on the other.

To measure motivation, the researchers measured two items of research. Thus, the tools of the Apathy Rating Scale and the Motivation and Commitment Scale were used.

“We estimated that regular cannabis users would be less motivated than light users and that regular cannabis use would be associated with decreased motivation.

“There was no significant difference in the motivation index between ordinary and underage users. No association between motivation and regular users was observed, ”note the authors.

"The results do not support the association between decreased motivation and cannabis use in adolescents," the researchers conclude.

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