Is cannabis accelerating recovery from Covid-19?

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Increased host resistance to coronavirus

The current chaos is the result of medical theory, which ignores that most diseases are self-curing. Our self-healing ability is called host resistance. Medicine ignores and even hates host resistance. Yet this attribute of life is the key factor in healing from the coronavirus infection. According to a study conducted by Professor Gershom Zajicek from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (the same university as Professor Mechoulam), cannabis indica is antiviral and inhibits cell proliferation.

Host resistance is our ability to resist threats that cause disease. Hippocrates called him Vis medicatrix naturae. literally "the healing power of nature" Vital momentum (vital force) by Henri Bergson QI (Chi) by traditional Chinese culture. It is currently known as a self-healing disease. From the onset of coronavirus infection, host resistance was activated.

It is obvious to me that medicine has not understood. So I downloaded the figures published by WHO and analyzed them with Wolfram Mathematica software.

Pr: Gershom Zajicek

Increased host resistance to coronavirus Today's chaos is the result of medical theory. He ignores that most illnesses are self-healing. Our capacity for self-healing is called host resistance. Medicine ignores and even dislikes host resistance. Yet, this attribute of life is the key factor in curing the coronavirus infection. 


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory disease caused by the SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV). As of 2017, there is no curative or protective vaccine against SARS that has been shown to be both safe and effective in humans. Curing the coronavirus infection helps prevent clinical SARS. A scientific hypothesis indicates that cannabis indica (high in CBD) speeds up healing and recovered individuals do not infect others. Let's try to understand in detail.

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Everything is a genetic arms race; viruses are getting smarter, and so are our antivirus programs. Genetic codes (set of rules for matching the genetic message) are looking for unwanted code, very similar to computer antiviruses. These codes are transmitted between plants and animals via mRNA (a transient copy of a portion of DNA).

To make the comparative link with cannabis DNA: each terpenoid is like an antivirus program and new programs are written every day. Cannabis is a master at code copying, which is why it can be medicinal with the right codes.

Phytocannabinoids are the natural cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Endocannabinoids are substances produced inside the body that activate cannabinoid receptors.

Indica cannabis activates the CRISPR-Cas system

Bacteria and archaea develop defense and regulatory mechanisms to cope with attack by viruses. One of them, called the CRISPR-Cas system, has two new features.

All the cells of the organism contain two antiviral protection systems. Their role is to defend the organism from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and tumor cells. Cannabis indica cells also contain these two protective systems:
1. Endocannabinoid

Here are the missing dimension of evolution: virus, life evolves within a swarm of viruses. The interaction between the cell and the virus has two consequences:

Lyse : when the virus hijacks the genome of the cell in order to produce virions. The cell dies. In biology, the lysis is the destruction of the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells or bacteria by the action of a physical, chemical or biological agent and leading to the death of the cell. The resulting products are lysates.

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Lysogenesis : when the cell hijacks the virus genome in order to protect itself against it and against other viruses. The cell lives. The lysogeny, or cycle lysogenic, is one of the two viral reproduction pathways, the other being the lytic cycle.

Coronavirus misleading statistics

The coronavirus is shaking the world economy. Its first tremor known as the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic in 2002 was felt mainly in China. Recently it has struck again, spreading around the world, as has its economic damage. Iatrogenesis (or iatrogenic is the set of harmful consequences on the individual or collective state of health of any act or measure performed or prescribed by an authorized health professional and which aims to preserve, improve or restore health) is the result of a false theory of disease. Medicine ignores (dislikes) that most illnesses are self-healing. Iatrogenesis refers to any effect on a person resulting from any activity of one or more other people acting as healthcare professionals. Iatrogenesis has an impact on the economy. Initially, it seemed that for the stock market, this impact was positive. Not long since iatrogenesis tainted the covid-19 crisis. 

Does CBD inhibit certain viruses?

Other Hypothesis, Borneol (or Isoborneol) has antiviral properties. It is a powerful inhibitor of the herpes simplex virus type 1. It has important antiviral properties, and more particularly when it comes to protecting the body from the virus.Hepatitis C.

More research is needed to examine the antiviral properties of cannabis. There is no evidence to support the claim that cannabis kills coronavirus but there is also no evidence to the contrary ...

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