Cannabinoids help fight pathological tremors


Study Shows Cannabinoids May Help Fight Pathological Tremor

A recently published study gives hope to people suffering from pathological tremors. This new study from the Department of Neuroscience of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, published in Nature Neuroscience and titled " Spinal astroglial cannabinoid receptors control pathological tremor“, Shows how cannabis could help those suffering from pathological tremors.

Cannabis activates forgotten star-shaped cells in the spine to reduce pathological tremors

According to the study, cannabinoids may interact with a certain type of star-shaped cell, called an astrocyte, in the spinal cord to help fight tremors. Cannabinoids work by regulating the release of purines and metabolites and by regulating the transmission of electrical signals to synapses.

To conduct this study, the research team used a mouse model to show how cannabis can help fight tremors, a disorder often caused by trauma or neurodegenerative disorders, which can lead to uncontrollable shaking of the body. head or limbs. These disorders affect more than 200 people per year in the United States alone, hence the need to relieve them.

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The study and its impact on reducing pathological tremors

“We focused on the disease, the essential tremor. It causes involuntary tremors, which can be extremely inhibitory and seriously reduce the patient's quality of life. However, the cannabinoid could also have a beneficial effect on sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, for example, which also cause involuntary tremors, ”said Jean-François Perrier, PhD, who worked on the project.

“We found that an injection of the cannabinoid WIN55,212-2 into the spinal cord activates the astrocytes in the spinal cord and causes them to release the substance adenosine, which then reduces nerve activity and therefore the unwanted tremor. These findings could lead to the development of a targeted treatment with few or no side effects. By probing astrocytes to understand the biological effects of cannabis, the researchers are taking a novel approach, as previous studies have mainly focused on neurons. "

 One could imagine a new approach to medical cannabis for tremors. In the development of medicinal products, where the treatment is targeted either by the spinal cord, or on the astrocytes or even better on the astrocytes of the spinal cord ”declared Eva Carlsen, PhD, who collaborated on the project within the framework of his postdoctoral research

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"By using this approach, we will avoid affecting the neurons in the brain responsible for our memory and our cognitive abilities, and we would be able to offer patients suffering from involuntary twitching an effective treatment without exposing them to one of the most problematic side effects of medical cannabis. "

Spinal astroglial cannabinoid receptors control pathological tremors

Essentially, limb movements all start at the level of the spinal cord, and this goes for both voluntary and involuntary movements. This happens when motor neurons in the spinal cord are activated to trigger muscles. When the motor neurons in the spinal cord send conflicting signals, muscle movements do not occur as expected, which can lead to tremors and involuntary movements. By examining how motor neurons in the spinal cord work with cannabinoids, the research team were able to better understand the effects of cannabis use and how it can help fight tremors.

This research is important for the future of cannabis curebecause it shows new ways the plant can impact people with specific, hard-to-treat conditions looking for relief.

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