Scientists plan to make cannabinoids from tequila


Pharmaceutical company attacks tequila bacteria to produce THC

Farmako, a cannabis pharmaceutical company based in Frankfurt, Germany, recently filed a patent for a gene editing process that turns tequila bacteria into biosynthetic cannabinoids, the magazine reports. Futurism.

This bacteria spits THC instead of tequila.

The genetically modified bacteria are called Zymomonas cannabinoidis, a modified version of the Zymomonas mobilis gene, which is used to produce tequila. By feeding on sugar, the bacteria produce biosynthetic cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and "over 180 known cannabinoids," according to a press release. The process could make cannabinoid production "a thousand times cheaper".

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Zymomonas mobilis

as we have reported in February, several organizations are working to develop more cost-effective ways to produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. For example, scientists have uncovered a process by which a sugar found in brewer's yeast can be turned into cannabinoid compounds.

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THC lime salt: Yeast VS bacteria

The process that could make the production of cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, a thousand times cheaper, according to the company.

Last month, researchers at the University of California managed to produce cannabinoid components from yeast in the laboratory. Producing cannabinoids without growing marijuana could be of interest to pharmaceutical companies wanting to add these ingredients to their products in the future. Farmako says his new technique represents the first production of cannabinoids by biosynthesis without the use of yeast.

Farmako argues that using bacteria instead of yeast could make the process of extracting cannabinoids much easier on an industrial scale, as cannabinoids and yeast cells must be broken down after synthesis.

The bacteria, on the other hand, "releases the cannabinoids produced directly into the surrounding environment," said Patrick Schmitt, co-founder of Farmako.

High sugar level

To switch from one cannabinoid to another, “you only need to exchange a single gene,” explains Schmitt, co-founder of Farmako. This prevents the bacteria from making alcohol.

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The genetic version of the bacteria used to produce tequila can not only produce cannabinoids by feeding on sugar, but it also produces a massive array of "over 180 known cannabinoids." “This allows continuous production without interruption. "

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