Water-soluble cannabinoids fast acting solution

Colloid chemistry in the service of cannabis: HydroPS technology, the fast-acting water-soluble cannabinoid solution

The bioavailability of cannabinoids have their limits. Scientists and researchers are looking for a way to deliver cannabinoids quickly. This would produce doses with reliable pharmacodynamics. Ebbu, a biotechnology company specializing in the studies of nano-emulsion, has just created a solution of water-soluble cannabinoids, drawing from a certain type of science: the chemistry of colloids.

chemistry, pharmacodynamics, Ebbu, nano-emulsion, colloids

Colloid chemistry

Ebbu is a Colorado-based company that powers cannabis businesses with its clinically-researched, lab-tested, water-soluble cannabinoid technology specially formulated to produce fast, consistent-acting cannabis. Which results in a precise consumption experience, every time.

To do this, the company uses the chemistry of colloids. Which consists in mixing a liquid, water in this case with fine particles, the (phyto) cannabinoids and in a homogeneous way. The result is one of the most interesting things about the cannabis industry. In fact, the behavior of a colloid is determined by the forces exerted between the particles (attraction and repulsion). Thus, they are highly dependent on chemical conditions, and result in better pharmacodynamic.

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This substance of pharmacological interest, is in the form of a solution, the molecules are as if glued together (hence the name colloids). These solutions work by dissolving compounds that are not water soluble, such as grease and other hydrophobic compounds.

chemistry, pharmacodynamics, Ebbu, nano-emulsion, colloids

Among the colloids of everyday life is milk. It is a colloidal suspension of fat molecules in a water-based suspension.

Pharmacodynamics: Ebbu's HydroPS technology

The main characteristics of these molecules are that they contain both hydrophilic (pearl shape) and hydrophobic (a long “tail”) ends. Both kinds of compounds repel water. The main driving force behind micelle formation is thehydrophobic effect. This chemical reaction pushes the water-repellent "tails" of amphiphilic molecules together. And, packs them into a hydrophobic core, forming a hydrophilic exterior.

chemistry, pharmacodynamics, Ebbu, nano-emulsion, colloids

Micelles, as shown above, are formed when a sufficiently high concentration of an amphiphilic molecule exists in a typically hydrophilic solution (such as water).

The formation is energetically and entropically unfavorable, so that mechanical agitations (or ultrasonic waves) are usually necessary to obtain a complete formation of micelles.

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chemistry, pharmacodynamics, Ebbu, nano-emulsion, colloids

An example of micelles in a polarized solvent (water, in this case)

And when you enter the details, the micelles can directly embed. And, make completely soluble compounds - compounds that would not normally be suspended in water.

chemistry, pharmacodynamics, Ebbu, nano-emulsion, colloids

“No alcohol, no hangovers and best of all. Only 35 calories per glass. “Said Chip Forsythe, Co-Founder and Winemaker of Rebel Coast. “Rebel Coast Winery wanted to make sure that consumers could have fun and have the confidence that they weren't overdoing it with THC. Ebbu's HydroPS technology makes this possible. "

A recent patent filing suggests that particles as small as 50 nm in diameter are achievable; for colloidal suspensions of cannabinoids. The smaller the particle, the easier it is to pass it through the body. Whether through the skin, mucus or intestines. It is therefore reasonable to assume that ebbu was able to target this method more and produce a really fast acting emulsion.

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