Pot Canadians risk lifetime ban from United States

The United States officially bans from its territory Canadians connected to the cannabis industry

With the announcement of legalization in Canada, new jobs linked to the cannabis industry have been created, and should be normally exportable throughout the American continent ... But cannabis remains illegal in most states, customs officials no 'will now have no tolerance to allow access to anyone more or less linked to the flourishing industry ...  American borders will remain closed to all consumers of the "pot" from Canada.

Canada, US borders, customs officials

Zero tolerance in US customs

CTV News reported last July that a Canadian investor linked to the cannabis industry had his privilege to pass US customs withdrawn. This incident suggests a tightening of border regulations in the United States on the eve of legalization in Canada.

Done, officially, the United States announced, that although cannabis is legal in Canada; Customs will not allow entry into the territory to traders, consumers (in case of possession) and manufacturers of cannabis. In short, Canadians will be banned from entering the United States for legally smoking marijuana, according to a senior US customs and border protection official.

"We don't recognize that this is a legal business," said Owen, executive assistant commissioner for the Office of Field Operations.

Consequently, if customs find the slightest trace of cannabis, the person risks being banned for life from the United States ...

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Canada, US borders, customs officials
We do not laugh with US customs!

As a verification, US customs will just ask questions. In particular on the simple fact of the consumption of cannabis, or of any implication with the plant (especially professional…). Refusing to answer will prohibit the person from crossing the border, but will avoid banishment.

However, we cannot predict what will be the degree of involvement that will lead to such a heavy sentence (life…). The lack of clarity in US customs is currently criticized by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. And, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cannot intervene on border regulations. Thus, he asserts that each state has the right to choose their policy ...

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