A militant buzz in The Voice

The voice of a medical marijuana activist creates a global buzz

The Voice is a show that allows participants to compete for a contract with a record company. Superstars are the judges… Of course, you have to have a pretty amazing voice to get noticed. However, at one particular audition, Miley and the band heard a familiar sound… But that sound was not a voice and not catchy music… But the sweet melody heard in the voice was that of a seasoned activist of the therapeutic cannabis in Israel ...

A strike worthy of the best bong shooters

The voice is all about using your voice to touch not only the hearts of the judges, but the whole world… And when you're good enough, you're rewarded with a record label deal. To make a difference, this participant decides to take his audition to the next level by embarking on a rather rare spectacle… This gift, in particular, is to smoke weed intensely in a bong. Rather than singing a song ...

Of course, Miley Cyrus recognizes the sound, it is the first to buzz on the famous red button. The competitor exhales the audience and the jury begins to rejoice. A magical moment, indeed… However… This video is completely fake, a clever fake. It's just a nice militant montage to promote our favorite plant to raise awareness on the planet. A success, the video has buzzed around the world.

The patient actor / Israeli activist

The speaker in this well-organized fake is Gadi Wilcherski, an Israeli actor and above all long-time activist in favor of medical marijuana. Previously he was diagnosed with a benign tumor in his head… Doctors refused to give him a prescription for medical cannabis. Once an uncompromising militant for medical cannabis, he is therefore personally involved in a mission that he considers “for life”!

“Only marijuana helps me now” - “Ironically, the struggle I fought for has become my personal struggle,” he said

Gedi claims that cannabis is the only thing that helps him, as opposed to those drugs that the doctors heartily gave him ...

Today he surprises with this planetary buzz. Mission accomplished for this voice finally heard at the international level.

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