A Canadian city wants to become the capital of cannabis culture

a Canadian city wants to become the capital of cannabis culture

Politicians are voting to encourage cannabis growers to locate in British Columbia, Canada.

The Williams Lake politiciansin Canada in British Columbia, want the city to become a center for cannabis production and cultivation in anticipation of legalization this summer.

City council voted unanimously last week to encourage regulated cannabis production in the city. The objective of this vote is therefore to be able to create new jobs.

A Canadian city wants to become the capital of cannabis culture

These initiatives demonstrate the growing interest of local authorities in the cannabis cultivation industry in Canada.

“Williams Lake has an abundance of key industrial land that would be perfect for growing cannabis legally,” City Councilor Scott Nelson said. “We might as well join in and see if we can reap some benefits for our community and our region, and see if we can become the cannabis capital here in British Columbia. "

Williams Lake is known for lumber, mining, and agriculture. But Nelson said adding cannabis could improve the job market.

“The huge payoff in terms of scientific research, microbiology, adding more courses to our university, it's enough to create a much better, more diverse economy in Williams Lake,” he said.

So Mr. Nelson expects that if several shops are set up in the town of Cariboo (11 inhabitants), hundreds of new jobs could be created.

Positive reactions

Since the motion was passed, Nelson said he had only heard positive comments from citizens.

After hearing Mr. Nelson's CBC interview, Shane Doddridge, of Springhouse near Williams Lake, called to express his enthusiasm for the motion.

“I think it's a great idea to diversify the economy here,” Doddridge said. “It can be a good opportunity for growth and attract more young people. "

“We are a relatively stagnant economy. The extractive industries are not expanding. We need to look more towards value added products, ”he said.

Four investors will be in Williams Lake this week to test the city's agricultural potential for cannabis. Mr Nelson said the whole industry has great potential for cannabis production. In particular, it has a site in mind that already has an installation of nearly 9300 square meters.

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