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Presentation of the legendary Blueberry

Blueberry is a unique marijuana, it is an exceptional blend of genetic particular, which like all the "Blues" comes from a famous American breeder. Its name comes from the bluish hue of its leaves and flowers. Zoom on a “classic” but exceptional marijuana, which even exists in its autoflowering version.

The Blueberry

DJ Short

It is DJ Short who is the father of the Blueberry, an outstanding breeder, a living legend of the 80's and 90's, who "raged" on the west coast of the United States (California, Oregon) and who is also at the origin of all the ranges titled as "Blue". The genetics of the cannabis plant come from his own travels, which will take him from Central America, to South-East Asia where he has collected several landrace genetics (terroir, robust ..). The much sought after Blueberry has been spliced ​​into many different hybrid strains.

The Blueberry
The Blackberry, from the "Blue" family

The exceptional family of "Blue" includes in its genetics the pure sativa Highland Thai or otherwise called Juicy Fruit Thai, the Purple Thai also from two landraces (the Chocolate Thai and the Mexican Highland Oaxaca Gold) as well as the Afghan, a pure indica. With several lines and variations, the Blueberry gave the variety of "blue". Blueberry is therefore noted as a hybrid with strong indica dominance, and today, she still remains a favorite of many producers and users.

The Blueberry
Colors found in Purple Thai

The BlueBerry, and the Blues in general, are distinct at the end of their life cycle, genetics contributing quite frankly. Blueberry is therefore noted as a hybrid with a strong indica dominance, and currently she remains a favorite of many producers (and users).

Characteristics of the Blueberry

The main characteristics of this family are: sweet, fruity and pronounced flavors (red fruit / berry / grape side), sweet and very pleasant… These positive effects are not lacking in power, and the Blueberry plants easily take on this violet hue which characterize them so much. At the end of flowering, the buds (flowers) will be very resinous, dense (good yield) and purple, sometimes even literally tinged with blue.

The Blueberry
A colorful Blueberry, under colored LEDs ...

Effects and feelings

From the first whiff of sweet, sweet and pronounced flavors invade your mouth flavors of red fruit, forest berries and grapes swirl your palate, a strongly pleasant sensation, punctuated by a smoke sweet to your lungs. One of a kind "high". The smell alone is strong enough to soothe you. Fruity scents, like blueberries, are largely exclusive to this strain of marijuana. You will also find subtle grape notes and even some citrus scents in the smoke.

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One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Blueberry plant is its impressive coloring. Early on, the plant exudes some red and purple colors, but as it ages it will begin to manifest intense and particularly beautiful blues. The plant itself often gives off fruit smells, which makes it a bit "deodorant" for growers wishing to be discreet ...

The Blueberry

Blueberry marijuana plants can produce impressive medicinal effects in a large number of users. It is particularly recommended for anxiety and depression disorders, because of the euphoria it provides and its "stoned" effect. As its main terpene suggests, it is also used to treat conditions like insomnia, due to its long lasting effect.

The Blueberry
Terpinolene terpene in blueberries and apples

Indeed terpinolene, the main terpene of Blueberry, is different from most other terpenes in cannabis; in the sense that it is known for its sedative effect, and therefore very effective for patients with insomnia

The Blueberry
Terpenes present in the Blueberry. Terpinolene advantage ^^

Like patchouli, terpinolene has also been used as a preservative for the long-term storage of natural tissues. The effects of terpinolene are often sedative, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and can suppress tumor growth.

The High of the Blueberry

Blueberry produces unique highs. The smell alone is strong enough to soothe you. Fruity scents, like blueberries, are largely exclusive to this strain of marijuana. You will also find getting subtle notes of grape and even some citrus smells in the smoke.

The Blueberry
The smell of smoke is related to the Citrus family

The “high” from a head of blueberry can last for extended periods, the majority of users report intense euphoria during these times. But this "high" is considered "mild", because the relaxing effect is predominant. This indica-dominant strain is generally best suited for the night, but in small doses it can be invigorating.

The Blueberry

The culture of your Blueberry

The plants are often hardy, which is also to be noted as breaking them is not an easy task. In terms of production, Blueberry marijuana seeds will produce plants that are between 50cm, to 1m (or a little taller) yields of around 425 grams by 3m square… The Blueberry can contain up to 21% THC. It takes 8-9 weeks for the plants to flower fully.

The Blueberry
Blueberry in bloom, towards the end it will take a violet hue

The varieties of the Blue family are known to sometimes present certain genetic abnormalities due to their Thai origins. The leaves can curl on them but these cannabis plants, a lesser flaw for this exceptional genetics and often rewarded in the world of weed. Both feminized and autoflowering options are available as seeds.

The Blueberry
The Blueberry Automatic, number one in “autoflo” sales at Zamnesia

Namely that its autoflowering version is a direct descendant of Blueberry, crossed for years (with Ruderalis) for a result which is intended to be one of the best autoflowering plants on the market. Autoflowering Blueberry will flower 25 days after germination, and 10 weeks after germination is ready to harvest. Due to the short cycle, the autoflowering Blueberry is very interesting for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Blueberry can produce impressive medicinal effects in a large number of users. With its almost narcotic "stone" effect, it is very effective on chronic or temporary pain. Thanks to its small "pep" effect coming from its side Thai sativa, it is particularly effective in cases of anxiety disorders or in cases of depression. As its main terpene indicates and for its long lasting effect it is also used to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia.

hybrid with strong indica dominance

One of a kind "high". The smell alone is strong enough to soothe you

sweet, fruity and pronounced flavors (red fruit / berry / grape side), sweet and very pleasant

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