Black market thrives despite legalization


Black market thrives despite legalization, small sellers and small producers blame

Legalization in Canada did not ultimately cut into the black market. It thrives, right next to the legal shops and dispensaries. But, the illegal dispensaries and shops are closing with a vengeance, considered as vulgar traffickers, despite the quality of the grass ... The Toronto police are currently closing 11 dispensaries, not having a license, their activity being considered illegal ... However , one could question what the definition of the black market is. And this because of the very bad example of the Californian illegal market. Indeed in California, we will learn that 90% of contraband occurs with extremely dangerous pesticides. Small honest sellers and producers are blaming themselves ...

Small sellers and small producers, waiting for recognition

The local newspaper, kamloopsmatters we report a significant anecdote. The dispensary owner Canadian Safe Cannabis Services is not dismissed by the state. His business is one of the illegal businesses in Canada, and customers are pouring in despite its non-compliance.

Canadian customers and patients say they remain loyal to dispensaries and stores considered illegal ...

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth advises illegal stores to close until they get their permits. But, the so-called illegal dispensaries keep their doors open ... The situation seems ironic, for this province long known for the quality of its cannabis.

Ian Dawkins, President of Cannabis Commerce Association of Canada tells us that he doesn't need to speculate on what will happen on the black market in Canada… Mr. Dawkins finds that less regulated Washington State medical dispensaries remain more popular than very small recreational stores . And, five years after legalization ...

People gather outside an illegally operated cannabis store in Kamloops, British Columbia on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS / Jonathan Hayward

Dispensaries are not the only ones who feel excluded from the legal market. Small producers are still waiting for the federal government to open a portal to apply for micro-grower licenses ... According to supporters of this change, the black market will continue to thrive until small retail stores and artisan producers are included in the scheme.

Strict regulation of Canada

Despite the quality and success of small dispensaries and shops considered illegal - the police in Toronto just closed 11 websites since legalization in Canada. The Canadian government intends to crack down on all unauthorized distributors. Most of these unlicensed businesses that want to become legitimate - were warned that their activities would cease as of October 17 ... As for the dispensaries these officers are currently visiting, their locks have been changed, their money and products seized.

Police during a search do not accuse customers who shop at unlicensed dispensaries.

Inspector Steve Watts (head of the drug squad) says dozens of dispensaries closed before October 17, in addition to dispensaries closed during the raids. He doubts the city will see an influx of visits to unlicensed dispensaries by April 1, when the government considers allowing dispensaries to open. Currently only 173 license applications retail sales are being explored across Canada ... But on this day, only the big companies seem to take advantage of the legalization.

The bad example of the Californian black market

However, obtaining a license is not without health doubt. Especially if one reports the edifying figures of the cultivation of illegal cannabis in the northern Californian mountains ... Not only does the black market not seem to be withering away, but it thrives, via a destructive cultivation using toxic products ...

Deadly chemicals are often found in the final product.

According to the Associated Press, the Integral Ecology Research Center analyzed soil, water and other samples from illegal cultivation sites. New sites out of ten, use pesticides fatal to humans, carbofuran - either 90% black market crops from California...

Led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and U.S. Attorney Scott, the black market eradication effort has captured more than 640 000 plants, and more 11 tons of buds treated with pesticides. We will also add, more 60 tons of waste...

“It's not about the marijuana, it's about the damage” - Says Prosecutor McGregor Scott - “What happens here remains illegal under anyone's law.”

Often demolished sites are so contaminated that cleanup crews have to wait before tackling the debris… These sites threaten wildlife, waterways and cleanup crews. And, especially consumers in territories where cannabis remains illegal ...

Garbage strewn across the land from an illegal site near Hayfork, California ...

So far, California authorities have completed the cleanup of 160 toxic cannabis cultivation sites. But there is still a list of more than 800 potentially deadly culture sites waiting for ecological help. We discovered these sites eight years ago, but we haven't cleaned them up yet ...

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