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The selection (to be completed) of the best films for stoners

There are many films that stimulate the stoner in us, and rightly so here are the greatest films, classics for the most part that thrill stoners around the world. These films have something unique, they are timeless, impactful, and see more ...

The best movies for stoners

The best stoner movies in movie history are some of the funniest, most awesome, coolest, and craziest… Some of the movies on this list are some of the best movies of all time. Whether you are looking for an absurd moment, a tragic story, thrills or something so funny that you will laugh even if you don't smoke .. These great movies that combine perfectly with weed have a little something special and unique… Blog-Cannabis thanks the group LPDS for their savvy cinematic advice.

And what do you think would be the best stoner movie of all time?

How High (2001)

1 h 52 min. Comedy and thriller.

Two loustics smoke marijuana which stimulates their IQ, this incredible weed allows them to enter the prestigious Harvard University….

The Big Lebowski (1998)

1 h 57 min. Black film and comedy

Lebowski spends his time drinking, smoking and bowling, but one day ...

Delirium Express (2008)

1 h 52 min. Comedy and thriller.

Dale Denton and Saul Silver really have nothing in common, except weed, Pineapple Express ...

Scams, Crimes and Botany (1998)

1 h 46 min.Gangster and comedy.

After losing at cards, they must find £ 500000 to avoid being amputated.

Las Vegas Parano (1998)

1 h 58 min. Comedy and road movie

Adapted from the book by Hunter S. Thompson, is basically the story of a stay is only a long hallucinated trip from which the protagonists will never come out ...

Mr. Nice (2010)

2 h 01 min.Biopic

The Story of Howard Marks. 43 identities, 89 phone lines, 25 shell companies, Howard Marks juggled for twenty years with tons of hashish and millions of dollars ...

Spun (2002)

1 h 41 min. Comedy, policeman and drama.

An unemployed 20-year-old hangs out in his dealer's house. He then begins a psychedelic trip of three days which will take him to the heart of all vices.

Human traffic (2000)

1 h 39 min. Comedy and musical comedy.

A chronicle of the lives of five friends from Cardiff who venture into British chemical-induced rave culture

Up in Smoke (1978)

1 h 26 min. Comedy and musical

Two Marijuana smokers, Pedro and Anthony, live extraordinary adventures while being in constant search of drugs of all kinds.

Reefer Madness (2005)

1 h 49 min Musical and comedy

1936. Parents of students are gathered in a school for a screening they know nothing about: the scourge of cannabis ...

The Petard Brothers (1986)

1 h 30 min. Comedy

Broke, Momo and Manu are discovering a new job… But you can't improvise yourself as a dealer overnight!

Blow (2001)

2 hrs. Drama and biopic

A marijuana seller becomes friends with a Colombian who explains the cocaine trafficking to him and introduces him to Escobar ...

The Basketball Dairies (1995)

1 h 42 min. Biopic, detective, drama

Jim is a high school basketball player. His life revolves around this sport. He smokes from time to time with his friends. But little by little, he sinks into the dark world of crime and drugs ...

Trainspotting (1996)

Drama, Crime

The tragicomic adventures of an Edinburgh junkie, who will try to separate himself from his gang of friends, losers, liars, psychopaths and thieves.

Traffic (2000)

2 h 27 min. Crime, drama and thriller

A mosaic of stories that evoke the world, the very high risk stakes of the drug trade, as evidenced by this series of interrelated stories, some of which are very personal, and others full of intrigue and danger. .

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

1 h 42 min. Drama

Three friends, Harry, Marianne and Tyrone, spend their days taking drugs to feel invulnerable and happy. But this Eldorado has a price, even for those close to them ...

Lucy (2014)

1 h 29 min. Action, science fiction and thriller

Following circumstances beyond her control, a young student sees her intellectual capacities develop ad infinitum ...

Another day in paradise (1999)

1 h 41 min. Crime, drama and thriller

Bobbie is a drifting teenager, who lives on petty plunder between two fixes. One of his shots goes wrong and a guy from the squat brings him "Uncle Mel" to sew him up ...

Drugstone Cowboy (1989)

1 h 40 min. Drama

 For years, without really asking any questions, Bob has lived with, by and for drugs. He founded a kind of family, a "harmony" ... But one day ...

Scarface (1983)

2 h 50 min. Drama and gangster

Tony Montana quickly made a fortune in drug trafficking in Miami, leaving a lot of corpses in his path… His success went from disproportion to disproportion, even in the final scene…

A Darkly Scanner (2006)

1 h 40 min. Animation, policeman, drama

Under the theme of America's endless and futile fight against drugs, in a "futuristic" universe in which the most sophisticated machines are second-hand cars, the decor of which is made up of suburban pavilions ...

The trip (1967)

1 h 25 min. Drama

A disillusioned director dives into the drug business, trying everything his friend suggests. This weird movie, considered a nanar is one of the great LSD movies of the West Coast, as a prelude to the Easy Rider shock

Mechanical orange (1971)

2 h 16 min. Drama and science fiction

Alex is a violent and sadistic band leader. Betrayed, he is used as a guinea pig by psychoanalysts to study the nature of crime.

Saving Grace (2000)

1 h 34 min comedy

A passionate gardener, cornered by creditors, on the advice of her gardener, she trades her beautiful orchids for the cultivation of marijuana. 

Pulp Fiction (1994)

2 h 34 min. Drama and gangster

The bloody, burlesque and comical odyssey of little thugs in the Hollywood jungle through three intertwining stories

Cocaine Cowboys (2006)

1 h 56 min. Documentary

Jon Roberts, Vietnam veteran, started at his 20s in New York criminal circles. The dawn of a long career that will end in prison.

French Connection (1971)

1 h 44 min. Police officer

Doyle and Russo, 2 narcotic cops, try to intercept a delivery of drugs. They follow several thugs until they come across a Marseillais.

Bad Lieutenant (1992)

1 h 36 min. Police officer

A rotten cop is piling up debt and excess. When a nun is raped by 2 men in a church, he goes in search of the killers and redemption.

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