The best strains for video games

The best strains dedicated to gamers, and by style of play

Smoking a joint and playing video games is like wine, it's gastronomy. Some combinations work better than others. If you're playing at a fast pace like Gears of War 4, there's no point hoping for a strain that will slow you down. On the other hand, casual gamers can enjoy strains that are more sedating, and without consequences… More serious gamers, hardcore gamers should look into strains that emphasize sativa. If you're the type to throw your controllers on the ground, Indica dominant strains are made for you. Regardless of your style and MMORPG style (as it applies to all styles), here is a small list of the best strains recommended for gamers.

Casual Gamers

The best strains for video games

Casual games and cannabis go hand in hand with a hard day's work. If your goal is a stress-free gaming experience, try pairing these following strains with casual games that have stakes considered low ...

Granddaddy Purple

One of the most popular strains to start, the soothing effects of Granddaddy Purple go great with casual games. In 2003, Purple Urkle and Big Bud were crossed to produce Granddaddy Purple. This strain is a powerful Indica that offers users extreme physical relaxation.

The best strains for video games

You will not launch your controller after smoking Granddaddy Purple. Besides relaxation, this is a great tasting strain for the cannabis connoisseur. The complex flavor profile is a sweet blend of grapes and berries.

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Platinum Kush

The best strains for video games

A great strain to tackle before a pleasant and relaxing evening is Platinum Kush. The PK is great for deep relaxation, but it won't keep you awake. This will make your working days easier so that you can concentrate on the games… And once you are draped, you will have no problem falling asleep.

Strategy games (STR)

The best strains for video games

Strategy games require a high! But relaxation is also important. Panicking at the wrong move could lead to defeat… So you need a pretty strong and relaxed strain for those strategy-based games like StarCraft II, Supreme Commander, Age of Empire and others.

Blue Dream

If you are looking for a balance of focus and relaxation, the Blue Dream is perfect for you. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides users with calming euphoria… Also, users have reported energy boosting highs that will help you get through hours of stubborn play.

The best strains for video games

On top of its beneficial effects, Blue Dream is another strain with a delicious flavor. Thanks to her Blueberry lineage, Blue Dream has a mild blueberry taste and aroma. Additionally, the energy boost comes from its other genetic parent (BD): Haze.

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The best strains for video games

One of the most popular strains to date is AK-47. This strain is another sativa-dominant hybrid. It has been offering its users relaxation and euphoria since 1992. Thus, the AK-47 will leave you feeling mentally alert, with a flared body… for relaxation.

First Person Shooter (FPS)

The best strains for video games

If you line up the dps, and the one shot at night, you will prefer not to fall asleep on your controller, or keyboard. In addition, when you play an FPS, you call upon high energy tensions which are supposed to improve the concentration (let's me be a sniper…). In addition, the following strains are a healthier alternative to coffee or Redbull during an SPF ...

White Widow

The best strains for video games

Sativa-dominant hybrids like White Widow are good for FPS players who need to be mentally alert in all situations. White Widow is a Sativa dominant strain, 60/40 with its exotic parents: the purity of Brazilian sativa with a South Indian Indica. The strain produces a comfortable, energetic high, perfect for hours on the couch playing Call of Duty, the Battlefield series or more RPG FPS like Bioschock & co.

Green Crack

The best strains for video games

For "campers", try smoking Green Crack. The strain took its name from the intensely stimulating effects it provides. Users report an extremely high high and significant mental clarity. This strain will make you happy after some stinging defeats ^^

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