Advantages and limitations of Proposition 64

Proposition 64

November 8, 2016, time for Proposition 64 in California

If the Californians vote for the 64 Proposition on Tuesday 8 November, and therefore the end of the prohibition of marijuana in California, the next day would have its limits ...

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The 64 Proposition is known recognized as an Adult Use of the Marijuana Act in force and upon its passage, giving the possibility to the over 21 years of new rights on the use, the transport and the possession of non-medical marijuana. Retailers of recreational cannabis will not open until January 2018, which is a significant deficit throughout 2017 ...

“This problem arises when a state legalizes cannabis for the first time, which is: where did it come from? Says Lance Rogers, partner of the law firm GreenSpoon Marder cannabis.

Under Proposition 64, in California, people will be allowed to possess up to one ounce of dried cannabis flowers and up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. Proposition 64 also authorizes the Adult to offer this quantity of cannabis to a person 21 years of age or older in California ...

The Californian adult will be able to take advantage of 6 cannabis plants indoors - or outdoors depending on local government restrictions. Those who are already cultivating medical cannabis for their own care, will be entitled to cultivate 6 additional plants for recreational purposes, and will be able to offer their seeds "non-medical".

“There will be this gray period where local agencies will have to determine the differences between individuals involved in activities under current medical laws and those involved in activities that are lawful under Proposition 64,” Rogers said.

Those who already have access to cannabis should also be aware that there are restrictions where it can be used. Proposition 64 only allows marijuana use to take place in a private residence or licensed business, which will not be available until 2018.

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The “Experts” of Prop64, Diane Goldstein & Luis Alvarado

The greatest concern of local officials remains driving under the influence (of marijuana); just like alcohol (see worse), Proposition 64 recalls that it is still highly illegal to drive after having smoked a joint… Which poses a problem during “standardized” road sobriety tests.

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Summary of the 64 Proposal

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  • New claims under Proposition 64 will come into effect on Wednesday and the 1 January 2018, assuming the measure passes
  • Adults 21 and over are permitted to own, transport, purchase and use up to one ounce of dried marijuana flowers and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis
  • Adults 21 and older can grow up to 6 marijuana plants indoors. Outdoor cultivation is subject to local restrictions
  • Criminal penalties for minor marijuana offenses, such as possession of more than an ounce of marijuana, are reduced to misdemeanors
  • Individuals with a criminal record related to marijuana may apply to the Tribunal to have their records deleted or altered to reflect new legislation
  • Patients' medical marijuana personal information is shared with the state and local health services protected under the Privacy Act
  • Medical Marijuana Patients Can not Lose Their Custody or Parental Rights Only Based on Patient Status of Medical Marijuana
  • California Medical Cannabis Regulatory Bureau Renamed Bureau of Marijuana Control
  • The powers and duties of the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Food and Agriculture are expanded to include regulation and oversight of the non-medical marijuana industry
  • The Ministry of Food and Agriculture has authorized to regulate the cultivation, manufacture and sale of industrial hemp
  • State business culture and retail excise taxes take effect
  • Sales of medical marijuana to patients with valid medical marijuana by "ID cards" are exempt from state taxes
  • Licensing agencies for recreational marijuana companies must begin issuing licenses no later than this date
  • Medical marijuana patients must get a new recommendation that meets the new regulatory requirements of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act
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