Beer infused with cannabinoids

Keith Villa, founder of the Blue Moon brewery, has started creating an alcohol-free cannabinoid beer.

The new company, called Ceria Beverages, will be headed by Keith and his wife Jodi Villa. He will serve as co-founder and master brewer, and she will be its CEO. Cannabis cannot be brewed, so it will be an infusion based on THC and CBD.

Keith Villa hopes to repeat the success he has had with Blue Moon beer.

infused, brewer, Ciera, Cannabis alcohol, beer

This is not the first production to combine drink and cannabis. Californian winemakers are already on the creation of this type of product.

Scheduled for launch in late 2018, the products will offer three strengths: light, normal and full bodied. In terms of flavor, the beer will be brewed to be a "premium craft beer". Before cannabis is added, the alcohol will be removed. After all, mixing TCH and alcohol doesn't seem like the best idea.

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infused, brewer, Ciera, Cannabis alcohol, beer

Without alcohol but containing cannabinoids

According to an announcement from Ceria, based in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, the company worked with cannabinoid research firm Ebbu. The goal is to develop a cannabis drink containing THC, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes. It is about recovering the effects of THC, while consuming it like alcohol.

This differs from other cannabis infused beers, which cannot legally contain both THC and alcohol (Ceria will be non-alcoholic). Likewise, with most "edibles" the effects are not always predictable.

Ceria qualifies this drink as "alcohol-free craft beer" because it will be brewed like beer and will taste like beer, but dealcoholized before being "infused" with cannabis, explained Villa. The drink will only be sold in cannabis clinics.

“I am ready to introduce a new high impact brand to the industry, this time with a new line of custom cannabis craft beers. Today, the opportunity and the demand are there, urging Americans to enjoy a more social way of consuming cannabis - by drinking rather than smoking or ingesting edibles, ”Villa said.

This is an interesting development at a time when cannabis is becoming legal. This raises questions among brewers and other professionals in the beverage industry as to competition between cannabis and craft beer.

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Other brewers want to seize this market

In the last few months, several beers have entered this cannabis beer market. If the regulations are strict, these beers generally do not include THC. The close relationship between hemp and hops has given rise to several beers. There is the Hemperor IPA from New Belgium and SuperCritical from Lagunitas. These THC-free beers, brewed with hemp hearts and cannabis terpenes, differ mainly in their taste.

infused, brewer, Ciera, Cannabis alcohol, beer

What will the amateurs say? While some people wonder how far this denaturing of beer will go, others focus on one thing: taste.

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