The hemp battery

Super-capacitors from hemp fiber, the batteries of the future

Scientists have succeeded in producing super-capacitors from the hemp plant, which is an extremely important component for the future generation of alternative energies, like the hemp pile - they have a large capacity and can also be recharged very easily. quickly…

The great benefits of the hemp battery

Un University of Alberta Research Group in Canada, led by David Mitlin, has succeeded in producing high quality carbon electrodes in hemp.

Normally, supercapacitors are made of graphene, which is produced from carbon in a very complex process. First of all, the process required for this purpose is very expensive and not necessarily technically ideal. Because energy density can only be increased to a limited extent. David Mitlin was looking for a better material to solve this problem - that's where hemp fiber comes in.

The famous hemp fiber

After many experiments, he and his team managed to recover valuable carbon electrodes from hemp fibers using a two-stage heating process.

Nano-carbon layers from hemp

First, hemp is heated for 24 hours at 176 degrees. Then the remaining hemp is heated for a short time to 700 at 800 degrees. And here nano-carbon layers are obtained. This represents three advantages:

  • These nano-layers are extremely heat resistant
  • This production is very cheap
  • And mainly, these nano-layers provide a much higher energy density than conventional carbon batteries

Nano-carbon layers reach 12 watts per kilogram. They are therefore two to three times higher than normal batteries. In addition, a hemp battery can be recharged up to 100.000 times and in just a few minutes.

The hemp battery is more efficient than the lithium battery

Another experiment was conducted to perform a comparison between the performance of hemp batteries and lithium batteries.

The hemp battery and the lithium battery were connected in a circuit at separate times.

Three curves were monitored - one Ampere curve, the second being the Volts curve and the third being the Volts per Amp curve. And, with a sampling record set to be once every second for a total of ½ hour.

The test was conducted with a focus on both hemp and lithium batteries in the same equipment and to the same degree.

When the curve (volts-amperes) was observed for both cells, it was found that the power of the hemp cell was 31 while that of the lithium cell was only 4.

From the results of the experiment, you can conclude that the performance of the hemp cell is significantly better than that of the lithium cell.

The battery and batteries from hemp have a certain future. This environmentally friendly and alternative technology may be able to dethrone what is currently best in sustainable energy (Tesla).

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