Cannabis bar for dogs against anxiety

cannabis bar for dogs

Help overcome separation anxiety

The benefits of the hemp plant, in particular the cannabinoid CBD for treating depression and anxiety, are known in humans, but it turns out that dogs are also affected in very similar ways.

The dog, and separation anxiety

Whitney Harris on the American website for dog lovers, Dogster; offers the story of her dog Finley, who for two years has suffered from behavioral and psychological problems.

"Unlike other dogs who like to walk in the presence of their owner; Finley has always been agitated by all possible situations "..." She requires special attention, a requirement that has become very oppressive over time "

cannabis bar for dogs 3
cannabis bar for dogs 3


As part of veterinary treatment, Whitney tested drugs known to humans on Finlay such as Xanax, Prozac; a prescription which will prove to be catastrophic in a few days… An increase in barking, lasting for hours; a behavioral disorder characterized as aggressive.

Solution, Dog Cannabic Bars

Generic medication was a total failure; Whitney began looking for a natural alternative to treat the growing anxiety of her companion Finlay.

cannabis bar for dogs 4
cannabis bar for dogs 4

From the other owners, withney got wind of an original sweet CBD treatment that is typically appropriate for our canine friends. Thus began the experiment described in the columns of the popular Dogster website.

cannabis bar for dogs 5
cannabis bar for dogs 5

One hour after eating the snack; Finlay's behavior was greatly improved, becoming calmer and more relaxed, the medication almost stopped the barking.

cannabis bar for dogs 2
cannabis bar for dogs 2

"It was the first time I saw her wake up without her bursting with energy and stress," she describes. "The barking is always a factor, but his behavior at home breathes calm, he seemed relaxed and happy."

Aside from the significant change in behavior; Withney points out that his dog was responding peacefully to the aisles that came from customers in the house, something that has never happened since the day he was adopted ...

“Having seen Finley's astonishing transformation, I can only testify in favor of the CBD treatment, and how much we are indebted to it ”she concludes.
 Considering the intensity of his seizures, I did not expect such results; but I was certainly surprised and delighted with the effectiveness of such a sweep. "

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