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The Banana Kush

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The Banana Kush, the medical strain that rises the most in THC

Banana Kush is native to the west coast of the United States, it is a strain that today ranks among the top 100 cannabis strains on the market. Her THC level is over 27%. Furthermore, she is considered to be one of the highest strains of medical cannabis of all.

The hybrid medical and recreational strain

From two other classics, the hybrid Ghost OG and the hybrid Skunk HazeBanana Kush is extremely beneficial for some types of people.

A small amount goes a long way, as her THC level often reaches over 27%. Most lab results are between 16 and 27%.

Banana Kush is technically classified as an indica dominant hybrid, with a 60% indica ratio, and 40% sativa. But its effects do not exactly represent its classification. Which makes it a unique strain of its kind.

She literally smells like banana candy… Her Indica genetics make her a climbing plant that will give you a very special high…

Banana Kush offers an uplifting high, it brings a cerebral calm, as if you were under warm blankets… Banana Kush is recommended, to relieve stress and depression and chronic pain. It has one of the highest THC levels in the category of medical strains.

Terpene profile

Banana Kush is a cocktail of Myrcene (Grapefruit), Humulene (Hops) and Caryophyllene (Black Pepper). The terpenes escape in a thick smoke with a fragrant smell, rich in notes of tropical nectar.
Once in the mouth, the flavors come alive with the creamy hint of banana.

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The tenderly sweet notes of Banana Kush linger on your taste buds and can trigger a wave of cravings before falling asleep ...

Busy and pressing thoughts are banished; because cannabinoids like CBG present in this strain, massage you mentally; and until sleep ...

Therapeutic effects of Banana Kush

While Banana Kush may help alleviate certain aches or physical ailments, it has a profound impact, especially on how this strain influences the mind.

Patients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, lack of focus, or lack of motivation might all find some relief from Banana Kush.

Note that quantities of THC can sometimes harm people who are already prone to eating disorders. Mental Health or mental disorders.

Those who suffer from physical aches or pains can also benefit fully, especially those who suffer from chronic pain, cramps, muscle tension and insomnia.

In order to get a feel for the full spectrum of Banana Kush's abilities, consume a slightly above average dose, so that you can really feel the impact if your medical condition is physical.

However, for people suffering from mental disorders, anxiety (it all depends on the person), a lower dose is recommended. Set comfortable limits for yourself.

The culture of Banana Kush

Unlike most Kush varieties, Banana Kush offers a good yield. Indeed, you should expect a fairly large stretch of the plant, through long vertical branches. In addition, to have a good yield, the plant must be pruned regularly to promote its development.

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Growing Banana Kush is of moderate difficulty. The main factor that makes this strain of cannabis a little more difficult to grow is that it thrives best in an indoor environment. As long as it can receive a steady stream of light. Classical methods or hydroponic culturee are both suitable, provided the light is therefore closely supervised.

Although it is best to keep it indoors, it can be grown outdoors, if the correct climatic conditions are right. That is to say a warm and sunny environment, and preferably in full sun.

The flowering time for this indoor grow is 8-9 weeks. For plants grown outdoors, the harvest falls around the beginning of October. On the plus side, it's surprisingly resistant to disease and pests, which makes this aspect of maintenance a little easier.

If you have experience growing cannabis and remain patient throughout the process, you can be rewarded with outstanding performance. Outdoors you can harvest over 600 grams per plant. While indoors, the yield is less than around 500 grams per square meter.

to summarize

The Banana Kush is a suitable choice for those who want help managing a mental health problem or mood disorder.

So if you suffer from depression, stress, anxiety, anxiety, pain, insomnia, muscle tension, lack of concentration or cramps, Banana Kush could be the ideal variety, if you consume it in moderation…

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