Autoflowering cannabis seeds, the evolution of attractive genetics

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Autoflowering, the genetic evolution of autoflowering seeds

Arguably the most interesting development in the cannabis industry over the past few years is with regard to autoflowering cannabis seeds, aka the “automatic”, or autoflowering seed. It is known that the best autoflow genetics tend to produce a higher yield compared to traditional varieties (classic photoperiod) which develop over a similar period. The strength of the automatic and the traditional has been quite similar for many years. But how did the evolution of autoflowering cannabis seeds come about? 

Autoflowering seeds of 1ère Génération

The 1st generation of “automatics” can be described as a generation that provided proof of concept. And who laid the foundation for development for future generations. It started in the 80s and 90s, when cars were marketed by “Joint Doctor”. Joint Doctor is an influential UK-based breeder who changed the history of autoflowering cannabis with the introduction of his strain 'Lowryder'.

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
The Lowryder

They felt that if they gave the cannabis plant the opportunity to thrive for more than twenty hours a day, it would give these plants the competitive edge over traditional strains. The number of buds were certainly higher over a much shorter period. But, the 1st generation of these cannabis plants did not have as high a yield as the photoperiod plants. Worse, they suffered from a significant reduction in power… The cannabis industry hasn't really paid much attention to these 1st generation automatics. But the work continued for years to give birth to the 2nd generation.

Autoflowering Seeds of 2th Generation

The potential of the 1st generation has shown the community that it is possible to improve the performance and power of automatics. Thus began long work aimed at creating a genetically more attractive 2nd generation autoflow. The breeders focused on creating these autoflowering seeds over a period between 2005 and 2010. Although yield and potency were improved during this period, work was still needed to improve and maximize the potential of the seed. automatics that we knew.

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
Auto-flowering cannabis does not react to photoperiod changes, but flowers according to its age

Automatic 3th Generation

With the advent of the 3rd generation, the wait was certainly worth it. This autoflowering generation are the seeds we see on the market today. The most experienced growers manage to achieve impressive yields of 100-200g from their automatic plant. It is now almost impossible to distinguish the difference between the strength (potency) of traditional varieties and so-called automatic varieties.

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
White Diesel Haze a few days before harvest

But, keep in mind that there is still a difference between premium seed banks that can offer true third generation automatic and other seed banks that offer seeds that lack potency and yield ... be sure to do your own research and check the reviews of the seed banks (seeders) you want to use. Of course, having the best 3rd generation autoflowering seeds is important, but more important is the success of the autoflowering process. Use the seed bank's experience and the techniques used to maintain consistent results.

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Can autoflow genetics be used at home?

It quickly became apparent that the clear majority of growers using an automatic neglected the long-held concept of what is called the “flowering phase”. When autoflows are grown at home, growers will only need a growing medium with one light source at 20h per day. Although being a simplified technique, the home grower must imperatively stick to 20 p.m.

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
Pineapple express automatic (Barney's Farm)

Planting an autoflowering seed every 7 days will therefore allow the harvest of a ripe plant as it matures. This process sets up a continuous flow in a single growth room. As a result, we can harvest very regularly in a small cupboard (grow tent) ... This is undoubtedly the best technique for growing cannabis at home.

Autoflow for outdoor growth

If you prefer to grow your autos outdoors, you should know that these autoflowering cannabis plants have a grow time of three months. At the end of this period, the harvest… These cannabis plants tend to grow to a height of around 1 meter. If you want to keep your crop out of sight, this is the perfect solution. If you want to harvest cannabis outdoors in the middle of summer, using "automatics" is probably the only way to achieve this goal.

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
Automatics express themselves very well outdoors

If you live in a "Mediterranean" climate, you will get two or even three automatic harvests in the spring, summer and fall.

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Super Auto Genetics

Super Autos, these strains created by Flash Seeds offer growers larger sativa plants (for autoflow), in a shorter photoperiod. The Super Auto, is also called the Amazonian Auto. This kind of cannabis begins to flower after a longer vegetative period than other autos, i.e. 28 to 32 days. Super Autos can reach heights of more than 5 feet (1 meters). But the tallest was measured at an astonishing 50 feet (8 m) high!

Auto flowering, the evolution of an attractive genetics
"Super automatics" take longer to bloom, but yield abundant crops

The lifespan of a Super Auto is between 90 and 100 days. It is a little longer than the already known autoflowers. But the slightly longer lifespan allows the sativa phenotype to express itself to allow for a higher yield. Super Auto (or Amazonian Auto) genetics give us some very interesting strains. They should therefore be watched closely, as they will be an integral part of the future of the cannabis industry.

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