Aurora Sky the largest cultural center in the world

Aurora Sky the largest cultural center in the world

Aurora Sky the largest cultural center in the world

Aurora a licensed cannabis company in Canada, has just “broken the ground” (soil) for what they believe will be the world's largest cannabis cultivation center. When completed, the building will be the size of 16 football fields !! Under the title “Aurora Sky”, a starry vault… of lamps.


according to Metro News, once construction is complete, the 74322 m2 (800 sq. ft.) "Aurora Sky" facility will be able to accommodate 000 indoor marijuana soccer fields and is expected to produce over 16 kg of high-grade weed. quality, low cost !!


The new building is located on 12 hectares of leased land in Leduc County, Alberta. Aurora has experience in the field, they are already running a major 55 square foot grow operation in Mountain View County that produces over 200 kg of weed per year.

Aurora Culture in Mountain View

For this new facility Aurora has chosen a Dutch system design and construction of the prefabricated facility structure has already been underway in the Netherlands since October 2016. The location of the new facility provides unparalleled access to transportation, industrial infrastructure, electricity, water, gas and courier services.

Aurora presents Aurora Sky (CNW Group / Aurora Cannabis Inc.)
Aurora presents Aurora Sky (CNW Group / Aurora Cannabis Inc.)

“We are building, to our knowledge, the largest cannabis production facility in the world, and certainly the most advanced and automated in the world,” said Cam Battley, executive vice president of Aurora.

The design will allow “growers to accurately control all environmental variables critical to ensuring production quality,” according to a press release issued by Aurora. Production is slated to begin at the factory once it is completed in fall 2017. With all this space, some design features are impressive. As stated in the official press release of the company, the facility, among others, will boast of:

Close-up of small plants in test tubes

  • Unique heating and cooling systems for climatic uniformity.
  • Fully automated mobile platform system that ensures optimum plant stability for climate, irrigation, light and growth at all stages.
  • A separate condensing system to eliminate moisture issues common to growing cannabis.
  • Forced air, fed by low positive pressure core ease with added sunshine through a specialized glass roof.
  • Establishment of a first industrial scale of the plant tissue culture process specific to cannabis.
Tissue culture process

Over the years, especially with the acceptance of cannabis use, people have sought alternatives to prescription drugs. As reported by Business Insider, while only less than 10% of studies on cannabis have actually analyzed its medical properties ...

licensed-medical-cannabis-strains-i-aurora-c-https ___ auroramj-com_strains_
Strains from Aurora

Therapeutic cannabis already provides an effective solution to many ailments, and Aurora seems to want to provide it massively, and cheaply ^^

Battley continues: “No one is producing cannabis on this scale in the world right now”.

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