The delicate art of culture to alternative medicine

the delicate art of culture to alternative medicine 5

A quality culture produces high-end cannabis in alternative medicine

Growing cannabis is a delicate art that requires precision and patience. And, if you really want to do it well, conscientiously, it takes passion. That's why Lenny Feldman of Alternative Medicine, a dispensary on Capitol Hill (AMCH) stands at such a high standard in alternative medicine, providing premium cannabis. Indeed, Lenny has been cultivating cannabis for almost a decade and is dedicated to providing drugs of consistent quality.

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A clinic at the top

The endless and quality offer thatAMCH provides is a list of best strains of cannabis that you can find in a dispensary: ​​Blue Dream, Durison Poison, Super Lemon Haze, Golden Goat, Tangerine Dream, Girl Scout Cookies and the Headband. So many classics, which well cultivated are true works of art. AMCH is an example for any self-respecting dispensary, or to come, in a hypothetical European legalization ...

dispensary, alternative medicine

“Our strains are hand selected and some have been cultivated for over five years. I consider our business to be like a microbrewery, ”says Feldman. “Our system is done through small batches. What we all know means more time and effort for better and more unique products. We rank our cannabis on a two-point system: quality and consistency. " 

Space and time management

The 2 square meter facility that AMCH uses to grow cannabis is located in Denver, Colorado. It is divided into three distinct spaces. The large section houses most of their superior strains, all of which are hand-pruned and grown in coconut substrate. Another room holds fewer strains and is used for less expensive strains. This allows the dispensary to remain very competitive in an industry where cost to the consumer matters. There are often more than 745 strains growing at the same time ...

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“Our warehouse also uses the best management of space and time. We give our plants a 30 foot ceiling and plenty of vegan time to complement the space perfectly. We're dedicated to knowing when a plant has reached its perfect maturity, ”says Feldman.

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A recreational alternative medicine

Their flagship product is a strain called Banana, which is said to be “the most attractive bud on the planet”… Feldman dries and prepares the cannabis so that people can receive spongy, sticky, “smelly”, buzzy and dense buds. Additionally, many of their strains consistently feature over 20% THC and are harvested weekly. AMCH, both a recreational and medical dispensary. Note that they also sell powerful hash made from their own strains.

dispensary, alternative medicine

“Since we dry ourselves dry, we get the most popular 'sugar leaf' that we call Gold. And our hash master makes the best bubble hash on the market, ”says Feldman. “This product is tested in the range with a 60% THC which, for a natural product extracted from water, is really good. The flavor will send you soaring and you will find a new love for our products. For me, the best bubble beats, the best wax (wax). " 

dispensary, alternative medicine

It is clear that they have a winning recipe. Especially when it comes to growing the best cannabis possible.

“Nothing is ever rushed. Everything is always on the cutting edge, so we know we have a great product before it hits the shelves ”.

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