Arizona, will patients be able to grow marijuana?


In October, patients may be able to grow their own medical marijuana.

Patients treated with medical marijuana in Arizona may have the “constitutional” right to grow their own weed. A procedure that already exists in Canada since February 2016.

  The judge Katherine Cooper County of Maricopa said it will review an offer on October 18 from the Department of Health Services regarding cannabis patients who have the constitutional right to grow their own marijuana. Assistant Attorney General Gregory Falls tries to convince Justice Cooper that nothing in the Constitution refers to patients growing their own drugs.  

Arizona, will patients be able to grow marijuana?
Katherine Cooper

  If Judge Cooper disagrees with Mr Falls, she will hold a hearing on October 21 to allow attorney Michael Walz; explain why she should order Department of Health Director Will Humble to let her clients use cannabis in their homes. Indeed, Michael Walz is in charge of the defense case for two patients treated with cannabis, currently campaigning for the right to cultivate their own herb.  

Arizona, will patients be able to grow marijuana?

  If Walz is successful, the implications will extend far beyond these two patients. It will provide similar rights to more than 40 individuals treated with Medical Cannabis. In Arizona, patients have the right to possess and use cannabis, but only through an identification card required by state-approved dispensaries, the only outlets in effect ...  

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Canada in Advance

In Canada, the Federal Court ruled that the "medical marijuana regulations" violated the constitutional rights of patients. A restriction similar to the Arizona case, considered by Judge Michael Phelan to be "arbitrary and overbroad". “The imposition of the regime (…) in order to control the consumption of marijuana for medical purposes had unfavorable consequences on their lives,” continued the judge.  

Arizona, will patients be able to grow marijuana?

  The law was declared invalid, it prohibited patients authorized to consume medical cannabis to grow it at home. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vows during his tenure to make Canada the first G7 country to fully legalize (recreational) cannabis.

Arizona, will patients be able to grow marijuana?
Justin Trudeau launches his campaign by smoking a joint
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