Arizona: more than 60 tons consumed in 2018

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A record level!

In Arizona, prescription patients smoked, vaporized, dabbed, ate or consumed approximately 61 tonnes of cannabis products in 2018, according to state records.

The state Department of Health Services released its year-end annual report on Monday, January 14, and as usual it has a ton of interesting data for anyone interested in the experience of the 'Arizona and its legal weed.

Numbers that attract attention

Arizon dispensariesa sold 2,5 tonnes of edibles last year alone. As it turns out, this represents the equivalent of all medical products sold in Arizona dispensaries in 2012.

There were only about 40 patients in 000. Last month, the state enrolled more than 2012 patients as active cardholders, a 186% increase from the December 000 total.

As of December 2018, another 852 caregivers and 5 registered dispensary workers meant that last month 449 people in Arizona were protected by state "anti-marijuana" laws. About 192 dispensaries are located throughout the state.

Another remarkable fact

The sharp increase in sales of concentrates occurred despite a state Court of Appeal ruling that these products were not covered by protections under the 2010 law. patients ignored the June ruling and continued to sell, buy or consume these concentrates until 2018 while waiting for the Supreme Court to make a final decision. that said, the court announced last week that she would review the decision on appeal. If the court upholds this ruling, next year's “derivative” sales category will be considerably lower.

Patient demographics for 2018 were remarkably similar to 2017, according to the report since the start of the year. For example, the 18-30 age group accounted for 26,57% of all patients in 2017 and 26,08% of patients last year. Records indicate a slight increase in the number of patients under 18 and in the 71 to 80 age group. The program became a little more feminine last year, with women reaching 40,02% of patients in 2018, up from 38,35% in 2017. Almost 88% of all patients mention "chronic pain" as a disease. eligible.

“The overall ability to support the market is strong,” said Keven DeMenna, who lobbies on behalf of the Arizona Dispensaries Association. “Private equity continues to flow into this market,” he added, pointing to recent deals in media outlets like MedMen of California, which opened its first store in Arizona last month. “It's a very strong market with more potential,” he said.

60 tons consumed, Arizona

Mr DeMenna expects the strong growth of the industry to continue in 2019, everything will depend on the next court ruling on extractions.

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