A former architect and designer at Disney designs clinics in the United States

a former disney architect designs dispensaries

Johnnie Rush former Disney designer makes one of the most beautiful designs for dispensaries in the United States

Johnnie Rush of The McBride Company is a former Disney architect and designer, today he designs one of the finest designs for dispensaries and retail stores in the United States. The architectural firm, The McBride Company, has created restaurants, hotels, theaters, casinos and most notably over the past two decades, it has been the sole design ambassador for Margaritaville. With a former architect and designer from Disney, today the company takes a look at a whole new world: retail stores and cannabis dispensaries.

The McBride Company

McBride's corporate philosophy was not only to view the design industry as a design business, but to view it from a very commercial, so to speak, perspective… McBride is co-owner of many of the concepts in the United States.

For 20 years, McBride has been the design ambassador of Margaritaville

His flagship employee, Johnnie Rush was Vice President of Imagineering for Disney. Today, through the McBride company, he offers the cannabis industry the most beautiful designs in the field. Architect and designer, Rush takes care of conceptualizing playful and lively spaces for dispensaries and retail stores.

Rendering for “The Stoned Age”

Usually retail stores, or dispensaries provide a somewhat rigid space, sometimes simulating high tech ... But that's not the marketing concept that McBride offers. Johnnie Rush describes the design of a dispensary as a challenge:

It’s not about imitating someone else – that’s sort of the easy way out. People will think, “we want a high-tech store,” and everyone thinks Apple. As minimalist as Apple's stores may seem, they have spent tens of millions of dollars creating brand perception.

According to Rush, everyone should be informed when walking through the door of a dispensary. Due to the constant evolution of technology in the cannabis industry, the McBride Company must create an environment in line with the questions of consumers.

Design concept for “The East Indica Company”

In the city of Denver alone, more than 400 clinics have sprung up. Customer expectations are changing along with the exponential growth of the pot stores. The clinics that create a fun environment stand out from the others. Thus, they offer patients or customers a real experience depending on the brand.

The Pineapple Express concept

For example, the Pineapple Express store created by Rush is an accessible, indulgent luxury. The idea behind the brand is this retro story, so all the elements, colors and textures were taken from old luxury resorts in Hawaii, Waikiki. It's subtle, and it shows in the materials.

Johnnie Rush, and the Pineapple Express concept

McBride started Pineapple Express a few years ago. Matt Feinstein (the owner) realized before anyone else that if he could create a lasting brand. The concept of Pineapple Express has been found in many cannabis conferences and exhibitions. Now the brand has 12 different dispensaries ...

Design, three small funfair clairvoyance kiosks, which translate the Mystic Pineapple.

A playful but expensive design

Another example, The Glass Pipe. It’s a service-based packaging and distribution technology – without the use of human hands… What’s special about “The Glass Pipe” is that when you enter your order, a robot at the back of the store packages it, distributes it, puts it in a tube and propels it to its destination. The work now focuses on creating the relationship with the consumer and not on packaging the order.

Design concept for “The Glass Pipe”.

For this former employee of Disney, the very idea of ​​a concept is inexpensive… However, the process of converting the concept into an environment would be quite expensive… But everyone who went through the process, and who has it finished are just delighted.

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