Apple secretly joined Amazon to push forward commercial cannabis reform

Apple's new cannabis app rules benefit businesses, but Google resists

Last summer, a little-known event happened: one of the largest and most respected companies in the world quietly changed its policy in favor of cannabis. That company was Apple. As a result, it joined the ranks of Amazon as a global company advocating for policy reform that would open up a commercial, federally legal cannabis industry in the United States.

For years, big tech companies, like Facebook and Google, refused to recognize the legality of hemp, let alone the legality of medical or recreational marijuana. Eventually, Apple reversed the trend. In June, a short press release from Apple titled " App Store Review Guildelines appeared on the sly, indicating that applications managing the sale and delivery of medical and recreational cannabis, in the jurisdictions allowing it, were now authorized on the AppStore. Incredible progress.11:51

1.4.3 Apps that promote the use of tobacco and vaping products, illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol are not permitted on the App Store. Apps that encourage minors to use any of these substances will be rejected. Facilitate the sale of controlled substances (except licensed pharmacies and licensed or legal cannabis dispensaries) or tobacco is not permitted.

Unlike the headlines we've seen lately from Amazon,Uber, the NFL, and other mainstream institutional businesses, showing a positive shift in attitude toward cannabis, Apple hasn't made a big announcement about it. Yet this shift came at a time when the cannabis paradigm has shifted for voters, policy makers, and the average American.

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As discussed earlier, American voters are moving quickly and dramatically in favor of cannabis legalization. The latest Gallup poll showed that 68% of American voters favor some form of legalization. The recent introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Senator Cory Booker ( D-NJ) also provided a huge boost.

Fintech experts at Artis Intel have taken the lead in identifying the imperative to work with tech leaders like Apple to update the policy to reflect mainstream cannabis adoption. Artis co-founder and CMO, Adair Lion, shares, "As a leading cannabis and retail fintech company, Apple's policy changes are a monumental shift in the way which our company conducts mobile transactions. »

When political and corporate leaders begin to change their policies and behavior to accommodate something that has long been considered fringe and illegal, and Americans' minds begin to change. You could say the tide is turning.

This is the kind of influence that sets the tone for mainstream behavior. Remember the early days of Babe Ruth and baseball, where players smoked cigarettes in the dugout and cigarette advertisements abounded. Or more recently, Elon Musk and Tesla's endorsement of cryptocurrencies, which influenced much wider adoption and sent the price of bitcoin skyrocketing.

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The fine print in Apple's policy update indicates that apps involved in the sale of cannabis are exclusive to authorized legal entities and strictly require geo-fencing in legal jurisdiction. This requires an enormous amount of technological and regulatory compliance and this is precisely where a fintech software company like Artis could excel. Consumer behavior shows the need for integrated digital payment technology. There has been modest growth in payment and technology solutions for the cannabis industry and ancillary service providers. This is largely due to federal illegality and the fragmented nature of the industry.

Apple's policy adjustments are just one example of the level of innovation and attention to detail that Artis provides to the cannabis industry. What propels some tech companies above others? They are the ones that provide solutions to the world's most complex problems. Obviously, cannabis has presented enormous complexity to politicians, corporations, and just about every other imaginable cog in the machine of our modern world.

The contributions of experienced professionals are fundamental and necessary to propel cannabis even further. These are solid foundations, ultimately realizing hopes for great legalization, such as the Cannabis Management and Possibilities Act, compliant and legal participation in the cannabis-specific ecosystem is paramount for global legalization .

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