California's controlled appellation of origin resembles the wine industry

How California's New Cannabis Naming Law is Helping Growers

California's marijuana market is borrowing a page from the wine industry with a new law intended to help cannabis growers. A law to brand and market their products by showing where and how they are produced. As we see in Europe with wine, producers have long used appellations to establish reputations for the quality and distinct characteristics of products from specific regions. This is so only to inform consumers about the flavors and unique profiles generated by a certain place. Also highlighting the causal link between the natural environment and how humans have adapted to grow cannabis in specific regions.

The new California law on appellations, Senate Bill 67, offers marijuana growers similar opportunities. Outdoor cannabis growers can claim, market and protect the uniqueness of the marijuana produced in their regions, highlighting the differences in flavor, potency and quality for each location One point of contention was the early discussion of the that the California Department of Food and Agriculture was going to authorize the naming names for cannabis grown indoors. This is of course OUTDOOR cannabis.

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A law based on the land

Some Areas of California, including Humboldt, Mendocino, Nevada, and Trinity counties as well as Big Sur, have decades of history and an established reputation for producing high-quality "sun-grown" cannabis. This new law is also interested in the way in which the land would present national and international market opportunities in the event of federal legalization.

Small artisanal producers who cultivate less than 1000 square meters and constitute the majority of farmers will be able to "compete in a global artisanal cannabis market" under the new law.

Terroir-based marketing should serve to educate consumers about the genetics that have been managed for generations by these traditional producers and also help educate buyers about the farming practices used by producers.

Another wine parallel that the cannabis industry might consider: tours of farms to taste the product and see where it is grown.

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Cannabis adapts to the region and to the farmer who strives to choose the genetics best suited to the environment. The challenge now will be how producers in these regions can use this rich history and well-developed techniques to their advantage to help consumers identify certain characteristics by region, similar to what consumers expect from the wine industry.

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