An anti-inflammatory and much more at the service of athletes


Researcher Dr. Natasha Ryz says cannabis is more than a powerful anti-inflammatory for athletes

It might seem contradictory to think of cannabis in the context of athletic performance. But one researcher believes it has the potential to be the next big ingredient in the health and wellness industry. Specifically as a way to target inflammation and more.

Anti-inflammatory application

Through her research in the fields of experimental medicine, nutrition, and her work on intestinal disorders, Dr Natasha Ryz has shown how cannabis and its various compounds could have applications as an anti-inflammatory. Which could be beneficial for patients with something other than bowel problems. If we're talking about exercise and athleticism, think of exercise-induced muscle damage, sprains, and other chronic or recurring injuries.

Although preliminary data using human subjects is limited, Ryz supports his research with Georgia Straight. The latter studies the active compounds of cannabis on mice and rats. As a result, cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] and cannabidiol [CBD] can prevent damage caused by inflammation.

« Ces études ont examiné les marqueurs inflammatoires, et ce qui est intéressant, c’est qu’ils ont montré que THC seul avait des effets, et CBD seul a eu des effets, mais quand vous les combinez, ils fonctionnent mieux », dit-elle.

As scientists have discovered with other conditions, compounds in cannabis are generally most effective when they are administered together. Rye says that a separate human trial has shown that long-term cannabis users have lower levels of an inflammatory marker known as C-reactive protein.

C reactive protein.

While this starting point for future research is a given that Ryz could infer from, she says she can only seriously consider it after a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Intervention of terpenes

She says she is convinced that as more researchers seek out the potential of cannabis, they will find that other compounds in the plant hold promise in the area of ​​inflammation as well.

« Cibler l’inflammation va être très important dans l’avenir de ce que les cannabinoïdes peuvent faire, et ce ne sont pas seulement les cannabinoïdes mais les terpènes et tous ces autres composés du cannabis », dit-elle.

Terpenes, such as limonene or linalool, are compounds that we associate with certain flavors. They are commonly used in aromatherapy, but occur naturally in everything from cannabis to flowers to herbs and more.

« Ce qui est intéressant, c’est lorsque nous réduisons l’inflammation, car elle joue un rôle dans tant d’autres maladies, nous réduisons également la douleur, les dégâts et autres effets secondaires », ajoute Ryz.

Cannabis for athletes

For athletes and those on a strict exercise regimen, reducing inflammation can be essential. Thus it allows the increase in performance and endurance.
While scientists await more concrete data, athletes of all levels have chosen cannabis, albeit quietly, but for years of use ...

Best remedy in this kind of situation, a joint ...

Only recently have professional athletes started to open up about their cannabis use. This by sharing that they don't just use it as a way to target muscle pain and chronic pain. Finally, athletes consume the grass to inspire them on the pitch, in terms of creativity.

Ninja Sportsman ...

Ross Rebagliati

The most recent common memory memory is Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati. This one won the Olympic gold medal in 1998 with 17,8 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood… This is more than eight times the limit imposed under the federal Liberal government's Bill C-46. Rebagliati still refers to cannabis as "a performance-enhancing drug».

Medalist Ross Rebagliati, and his friends ...

« They use cannabis in a way that goes beyond inflammation« , dit Ryz sur les athlètes professionnels. Elle se réfère à Nick Diaz et l’ancien joueur de NFL Ricky Williams.

« Je suppose que vous pourriez dire que c’est une amélioration, parce que cela permet de rester dans l’instant. Cela vous aide à rester calme. Cela contribue à votre anxiété « , dit-elle. « Mais ceci étant dit, ce sont des utilisateurs expérimentés qui ont formé leur corps pour répondre à cela. Ils ont trouvé les cultivars appropriés pour faire cela ».

The Ryz researcher couple, founders of Ryz Rémi

While athletes can use cannabis to reduce inflammation and perform better on the court, Ryz saw first-hand how incorporating cannabis into the most attractive lifestyle can help make better lifestyle choices. . Cannabis which could lead to future applications like weight loss and increased metabolism.

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