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Out of Africa Animal Park in Arizona treats and rescues animals at CBD

The team at Out of Africa Wildlife Park, a wildlife conservation park in Arizona, provides the best possible life for the animals in their care. This means that the medical needs of animals are taken very seriously, including in their daily need, the cannabis plant ...

Out of Africa Animal Park

The mission of Out of Africa Wildlife Park is to create the ultimate animal adventure, right in the heart of Verde Valley in northern Arizona. It is a wildlife conservation park that promotes appreciation of the wild areas and wonderful people of our planet.

The Verde Valley is a valley in central Arizona, around the Verde River.

The team in charge of this animal park, raises awareness of action in favor of conservation, by practicing exemplary animal care. This by meeting the daily needs of each animal, in terms of food and breeding, as well as their holistic needs in terms of health and medical care. It is quite understandable that the park's vets are committed to treating their animals with the cannabis plant, and particularly with cannabidiol (CBD).

Source CBD

After learning that one of their goats, Kasani, was having seizures in the middle of the night, the Out of Africa team were looking for holistic treatments - there is very little information available on how to treat nocturnal seizures. ibex ... Finally, they consulted the local brand Source CBD , at Mount Hope Wholesale Health Food Market.

Shortly after, Out of Africa was put in touch with Ian Petersen, CEO, founder and creator of Source CBD, who helped them in the CBD treatment process.

Appollo, the albino python

The animal park team is always confronted with new diseases. In the case of Apollo, an albino python weighing 54kg (…), a cancerous tumor has developed. Originally Dr Kiedrowski (reptile veterinarian) thought of a spider bite ... But a biopsy of the creature revealed that it was a real malignant tumor.

Without treatment with CBD, the tumor would continue to grow, leading Appolo to certain death.

After numerous interventions by Dr., a large portion of the cancerous mass was removed, however he “wasn't able to completely extract it from his tissue without removing large portions of the muscle,” explains Zack Ala, manager of the large reptiles.

” Faced with a life or death situation, the team reconnected with Petersen to establish a treatment plan. Treatment began in January 2018 and lasted eight weeks with a dose of 100 mg of CBD administered orally.”

Since then, the remaining mass has hardened and stopped growing, allowing Apollo to fully recover.

Chalet the white tiger and Kumba the lioness

The two beasts are inseparable, they were born on the same day, May 28, 2008. They are a bit the stars of the animal park, and are subject to the attentive eyes of Jeff Har, the manager of the carnivores. After noticing a lump on the left side of Chalet's face, Harwell and veterinarian Dr Skinner discovered that the tiger had jugular cancer.

Chalet, the white Bengal tiger

Shortly after, Chalet underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The operation was a success. But the cancer took refuge in Chalet's lungs… Calling on Petersen again, the team prescribed shock treatment. Considering the body weight of the beast (150kg), it was decided to administer a substantial dose of CBD. This in order to fight his lung cancer. But also for reduce pain and anxiety following surgical procedures.

“Chalet receives one dropper full per day of the 2000 mg dose of CBD at full strength, which is approximately 66,6 mg” explains Mr. Petersen

Same treatment, for the anxiety of Kumba the lioness. After experiencing an anxiety attack, following Chalet's treatment - Harwell and Petersen decided to give him CBD. The lioness receives a less aggressive treatment, which is half a drop per day, around 33,3 mg of CBD.

Kumba the lioness experiences anxiety when Chalet leaves her enclosure for the “Tiger Splash” show

The team has already noticed a slight change in Kumba's personality. And only, after two weeks of treatment ... We will continue to administer CBD, in the near future.

Administration of the treatment for the big cats

The medication is administered using capsules (for horses) containing CBD oil. Then, we wrap everything in raw chicken. “And Chalet will take it for the next 90 days,” although “the treatment will probably continue for six months.” Afterward, doctors will reassess his condition to determine if additional treatment is needed.

Chalet at “Tiger Splash”…

Petersen and the Out of Africa team ensure a better quality of life for these wild creatures. This using CBD oil. With success on the horizon, the cooperation between cannabis and the animal park promises to be exciting.

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