An old alliance like the world

An old alliance like the world

An alliance as old as the world - Wine & Cannabis, return of a medical & taste miracle among winegrowers.

The old wine & cannabis alliance is seeing the light of day in grape varieties in the United States and Europe, in a more modest form than it was more than 3700 years ago. Cannabis, this ancient plant in addition to its taste properties is proving to be a substitute for sulphites, notice of French law ...

First traces of wine enriched with Cannabis

According to archaeologists, the first traces of wine fortified with cannabis date back 3.700 years. This drink was originally used for religious purposes and as an anesthetic for operations.


Medical use dates back to the 28th century BC. In China during the second century CE, archaeologists found records indicating that the founder of Chinese surgery, Hua Tuo, used wine fortified with cannabis resin to reduce pain during surgery.

Hua Tuo operates the injured arm of General Guan Yue

According to Carl Ruck, professor of classical studies at Boston University, initiates of different religions also drank psychoactive wine as part of their practice. Participants in the Eleusinian Mysteries in ancient Greece and the early Christians - it is the blood of Christ, my son - are two of the most well-known cannabis-infused wine groups, but are far from the only ones.

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the Eleusinian Mysteries

According to the Smithsonianmag, a new proof of this practice was brought in 2013 during the discovery of a wine cellar, dating back to 1.600 BC. AD, in present-day Israel. Inside this room were the remains of 40 jars that had contained wine.

Wine jars found in Tel Kabri

After analysis, the scientists discovered traces of aromatic herbs, honey, berries or psychotropic resins ...

LIDAR image of the wine found in Tel Kabri, a psychoactive wine… (Andrew Koh)

A return to grace in the United States

The tradition of Cannabis-infused Wine began in California in the 70s. It was mostly produced with rosé wine to be consumed discreetly. The high cost of production and the risks associated with its consumption still significant, it was difficult to own it without producing it yourself. Today, red wines are favored with varietals like Pinot Noir and the use of a hybrid Sativa / Indica herb variety. It is also possible to find Syrah, Cabernet, Grenache, Viognier or Chardonnay grape varieties.

Infinite Monkey Theorem's Ben Parson hard at work

The very first company to produce in 2013 - officially - this beverage is called Mary Jane Wines. This wine is specially indicated for medical reasons - more than recreational -, because there is no heating, it is simply cold pressed or results from the fermentation of cannabis leaves in the barrel. The THC in cannabis therefore does not have the same effects on the body. The effect is slower, more lasting and subtle. There is no euphoria for the consumer, but a feeling of relaxation. It is intended primarily for people with sleep disorders or anxiety problems.


What has allowed cannabis-infused wine to make a comeback in the United States is obviously the evolution of legislation that increasingly decriminalizes the use of marijuana. Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia have adopted measures legalizing the use of marijuana.

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CannaWine - CBD Wine (Alchimiaweb)

Cannabis wine also present in Europe

Spanish legislation being less restrictive since 2007, a Catalan winemaker produces part of its wine - 600 bottles anyway - by infusing cannabis in its vats. Legally, it is forbidden to trade it, but the cultivation of this controversial plant is no longer prohibited. The winemaker's experience seems to have revealed some advantages to this practice for the taste qualities and for the preservation of the wine. Suffer ended up being perfectly useless and therefore was removed in the winemaking process. A French winemaker who brought a bottle of this wine home analyzed the taste qualities of the wine after opening. According to him, the wine had not undergone any deterioration after a year of regular consumption.


But the hexagon is not left out with weed wine. To say to you "no winegrower produces this kind of drink in France" would be lying to you. It is done in the greatest discretion and the sale undercover ... French legislation on marijuana remains very penalizing - and is not likely to evolve any time soon.

Joseph Ducreux, The Discreet, 1790

The legislation on alcohol is also very rigid and we could see it recently with the difficulty to relax the Evin law. It is also possible to make the mixture directly at home and there are even wine / weed pairings...

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