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Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular strains in history. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a strain that produces a high amount of THC that ranges from 20% to 25%. Its considerable power and energetic effects are caused by its particularly astonishing genetic mix. Origins that could be Thai, Cambodian, Jamaican and Afghan. She is one of the 10 strongest strains in the world, she has already won first prize in the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in 2004 and voted best sativa in 2012. Why is this strain so popular and why is it one of the most requested strains in the world?

There are many reasons why Amnesia Haze has become so popular. Besides the fact that she has amazingly sweet, slightly spicy, and lemony flavors, she tends to pack a 20% THC punch. More cerebral effects and less physical high. She is an absolutely stunning strain that is as visually appealing as it is potent. Amnesia Haze has become a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops and a must-have in most dispensaries and clinics.

The very first strain of amnesia was born and raised in California before traveling to Amsterdam. The genius behind Amnesia in the early 90s is David Paul Watson, a pioneer in the world of cannabis. His contributions to cannabis cultivation and genetics have earned him the name Mister Skunk. The original Amnesia was a cross between Bubblegum and Super Silver Haze, which resulted in an incredibly potent and euphoric experience. It was an energetic strain that took creativity and awareness to the next level.

Today, the original Amnesia has undergone some modifications. Some sort of genetic consolidation has occurred, causing the majority of Amnesia to come from a cross of Cindy99, Jack Herer and Skunk #1 Since the creation of the first races, the potency of cannabis has increased dramatically, making original Amnesia seeds one of the most sought after on the market. They are also feminized, so any plants planted will produce buds if the growing conditions are right. Outdoors, this means that a grower can expect 3 or more harvests per year depending on how long the flowers grow.

Difference Amnesia and Amnesia Haze

In general, strains with sativa genetics offer a diversity of aromas and citrus blends. In the case of amesia haze, it is sweet and lemony, which is a perfect complement to the relaxing and euphoric effects. To avoid confusion, Amnesia and Amnesia Haze, although they share the same name, are two very different strains. They both have similar properties, but their origins are far from identical. Amnesia has a more earthy and tangy flavor, with only slight citrus notes on the exhale. Amnesia Haze hits you right in the face with sweet citrus flavors. Both are sativa-dominant, and could be confused in the garden to the untrained eye, but both retain their own lineage.

The Amnesia variety is almost as popular around the world as other Dutch such as the White Widow or Neville's Haze. No matter which path you take to get there, the result is always the same: potent, flavorful “buds” that have earned their reputation. Like almost all classic old school strains, the exact origin of Amnesia Haze remains a mystery but there is a theory that ties it tightly to the strain. ruderalis, it is not surprising that it is so robust and resistant.

Amnesia has a more earthy and tangy flavor with only slight citrus notes on the exhale. Amnesia Haze hits you right in the face with wonderful fruity sweet aroma. Both are sativa-dominant, and could be confused in the garden to the untrained eye, but both retain their own lineage and unique place in your garden.


Amnesia Haze has such a diverse background, coming from different climates, that growing outdoors can be a challenge. Growing in a greenhouse or indoors is generally preferable, as it requires higher temperatures than usual. It is not too tall a plant, with heights of 1,2 to 1,5 meters, but it is a plant with extraordinary yield. You can expect over 600-650g per square meter. You can get even higher yields outdoors if you are prepared to deal with the strain's sensitivity to outdoor conditions.

Since this strain responds better to tropical or subtropical conditions, you may find it difficult to grow Amnesia Haze in cooler climates. If you use a greenhouse or if the outdoor conditions are right, Amnesia Haze can really spread to a height of two meters or more. Spicy fruity aromas will fill your garden. Amnesia Haze is a longer flowering plant, with a harvest time of around 11-12 weeks, but it's worth the wait. Amnesia Haze grows well, with a thick and dense central cola, surrounded by equally impressive little stems. You will need to plant stakes or trellises over these beauties, as they will grow too large to support their own weight.

The buds will tend to be lime green and covered with a thick layer of crystals. Unmistakable orange hairs will surround the buds as harvest approaches. Amnesia Haze has such a unique genetic background that it can be more difficult for a novice grower to manage. It grows under normal conditions, with a pH between 5,7 and 6,0. Amnesia Haze likes slightly warmer temperatures and can handle a bit more humidity than most plants. Growing Amnesia Haze is a rewarding experience for those who have the patience to wait.

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