German retailer Aldi launches private label hemp line in UK

Aldi launches a line of hemp oil skincare products

Aldi UK, the UK branch of the German supermarket chain, has launched a line of personal care products hemp oil, joining the ranks of grocers who offer hemp and incorporate it into branded products in stores.

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The product line Lacura The retailer, which includes body butter, hand cream and "CBD facial serum," went on sale on shelves and online as of last week.

Aldi is perhaps the most important retailer in the food chain to incorporate hemp derivatives into a line of private label products.

Aldi's body lotion and hand cream are said to be "enriched with hemp seed oil", while the serum is marketed as containing "natural Cannabis Stavia (sic) seed oil".

A spokesperson for Aldi UK did not respond to several requests from the Hemp Industry Daily to find out why the grocer added hemp to their product line or where the hemp ingredients are made.

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It was not clear whether the 'CBD Facial Serum' contained cannabidiol derived from hemp and, if so:

  • Whether the CBD ingredient is a broad spectrum isolate or distillate.
  • How much CBD is in the product.
  • The origin of CBD and hemp oil for all three products.

British Cosmetics Association

According to a 2019 position statement from the British Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, plant-based CBD can be used in finished cosmetic products if these 2 criteria are met:

  1. CBD does not come from the buds of the plant or the whole plant
  2. CBD is in "pure form" and does not contain any controlled substances such as specific controlled cannabinoids.

A cosmetic product containing CBD may also be authorized on the UK market if the cannabidiol and the product itself comply with three parts of a regulation that exempts products from the control of narcotics:

  1. The preparation or the product is "not designed foradministration of controlled drugs“, In this case, THC - to a person or an animal.
  2. The packaging and formulation of the product prevent access to or use of the controlled substance it contains by easily applicable means or in an amount which presents a risk to health.
  3. The finished cosmetic product should not contain more than 1 mg of controlled substances, including THC, regardless of the size and concentration of the product.
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"Legal advice is recommended in this regard," says the cosmetics association.

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