Alcohol and not cannabis, manipulates the structure of the brain

New research finds no link between hippocampal atrophy and cannabis use

Government lobbies have worked hard to convince people that smoking marijuana turns the brain around. But a new study finds that it's actually America's favorite legal poison ... Alcohol, can lead to deterioration of brain function.

hippocampus, brain, alcohol

Alcohol manipulates the structure of the human brain

Researchers from the University of Colorado in collaboration with the Oregon Health & Science Center recently published a study in the journal Addiction. She finds that alcohol consumption is more than a harm to the mind. And much more than the use of cannabis, because it does not damage the brain ...

hippocampus, brain, alcohol

This scientific exploration of the truth behind the potential mental risks associated with the consumption of these two substances has led researchers to uncover strong evidence that alcohol manipulates the structure of the human brain. Whereas in all scientific fairness, cannabis does not and never will ...

“The severity of alcohol is associated with a larger volume of gray matter. And in particular to an integrity of the white matter in adults. As well as lower gray matter volume in adolescents, ”the study authors wrote in their conclusion.

hippocampus, brain, alcohol
A nasty atrophy of the hippocampus, and cerebral matter ...

“No association was observed between structural measures and cannabis use. In particular over 30 days, in adults or adolescents ”.

The study, which was first reported by NORML, fits perfectly in other studies of this kind. Which shows that the cognitive deterioration often attributed to marijuana use is the result of alcohol abuse ...

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hippocampus, brain, alcohol
Brain imaging with PET (Positron Emission Tomography). Effect of alcohol ./// PET scan pictures. Alcohol effects.

Other studies

In fact, a study conducted in 2015 in the Journal of Neuroscience found that marijuana did not cause any changes in brain chemistry, but alcohol “has been unequivocally associated with adverse effects on brain morphology and cognition in adults and children. adolescents ”.

hippocampus, brain, alcohol
Cannabis is safe!

More recently, a study published in the June edition of the British Medical Journal shows that even moderate alcohol consumption can lead to "unwanted brain outcomes, including atrophy of the hippocampus", a process involving the disintegration of part of the brain. brain that controls memory and spatial navigation ...

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