Carrying cannabis on an airplane is now possible

Canadian and Californian airports allow domestic passengers to carry their cannabis consumption

The Trudeau government allows Canadian travelers to carry cannabis with them on a domestic flight. The rule obviously excludes air transport to foreign countries. And, authorities limit the amount of cannabis to 30 grams. Although the plant is allowed on board the plane and in the airport, Transport Canada prohibits its consumption in flight ... Just like, when leaving Los Angeles International Airport, Californians can also carry 28 grams of cannabis. .

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Ability to fly cannabis use across Canada

Canada will become the second country in the world to allow recreational use of cannabis on October 17. However, Canadian transportation officials are warning travelers not to transport cannabis on international routes, and across borders. Even if the destination also allows the use of cannabis ...

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flight, air transport, plane, airport
Canadians can carry up to 30 grams with them on a domestic flight through regions of Canada.

However, the Minister of Transport of Canada states that travelers on board domestic flights will be allowed to carry a small amount of cannabis with them. But the minister warns that international passengers should not carry a gram with them.

Prohibition of transport out of the territory

Transport Canada says cannabis use across the american border remains illegal. Several US states have legalized cannabis. However, possession is still illegal under US federal law.

In addition, the export and import of cannabis also remains illegal, and in any country. Thus, possession of cannabis will not be allowed for a traveler leaving Montreal airport for Amsterdam.

“As long as it's a domestic flight, people can bring up a certain amount for their personal use,” Garneau told reporters.

The Canadian Air Transport Safety Authority says it always strives to ensure that its rules comply with the law. Under Bill C-45, Canadian adults will be able to carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public, and during a flight within Canadian borders.

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Permitted to fly with cannabis from California International Airport

A California airport service did the same. LAX police have updated procedures. And, it is now allowed to keep 28 grams of cannabis during the flight. However, make sure the destination is valid… The United States Airports Authority (TSA) makes it clear that it is still subject to federal law.

flight, air transport, plane, airport
Los Angeles airport sign with an airplane flying over the city.

TSA spokeswoman Laurie Dunkers said Thursday TSA agents will not boycott cannabis. But that they invited the police to face it ...

“The TSA focuses on terrorism and security against threats to planes and passengers. - "Whether or not to steal with marijuana remains subject to the determination of law enforcement authorities." "

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