Cannabis farming allowed in Holland

Dutch Parliament votes in favor of proposed cannabis law

For 40 years, the government has turned a blind eye to the cannabis offered by famous Dutch cafes. Finally, until this week! D66 has submitted a proposal that will allow nurseries to grow cannabis under government control. The bill was passed today by the Dutch parliament for the cultivation of cannabis for distribution and sale in stores. The goal: product quality control in Holland! But that's not all, the motion relating to the consumption of medical cannabis at home was accepted at the last moment!

A historic vote

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In 1976 the first “coffee shop” was opened in Holland. The Netherlands has since become known as a magnet for anyone who wants to enjoy cannabis. Although the sale and purchase of cannabis in licensed “coffee shops”, the cultivation of the finished product was prohibited by law. But today, in a historic vote, the Dutch Parliament voted in favor of a Law proposition, adding the cultivation of cannabis to its famous policy of tolerance: 77 voted for, 72 against.

“In our country, we have had a twisted tolerance policy for a long time. You are allowed to sell cannabis, but not to grow or transport it. Today, a good part of the population and the municipalities also support this situation, ”Bergkamp told NOS radio.

The legislative proposal states that cafe owners can only buy cannabis from businesses. Those "licensed" who cultivate cannabis in a closed system. The culture must meet a number of requirements and will be controlled by the government. Plantations without a permit will be found and dismantled ...

"People often have no idea what they are smoking." according to Bergkamp

The bill will eliminate the gray area between the illegal cultivation and the authorized sale of cannabis. The new law will also monitor the quality of cannabis !! It also offers a very important update. The motion regarding medical cannabis for domestic use was adopted.

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