South Africa allows domestic cultivation of cannabis

Marijuana (Dagga) is now legal for domestic use in South Africa

Following colorful pressure on an year, the Supreme Court of the Western Cape issued a decision on Friday morning that allows the possession, cultivation and private use of marijuana in the home. Home cultivation is now legal in South Africa

Domestic Culture, Dagga, Rastafarian, South Africa

South Africa changes landscape

South Africa is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of cannabis. But also the main regional hub for the illegal cannabis trade. The exceptionally low price offered for marketable cannabis in South Africa generates huge profits… But, although cannabis was illegal in South Africa, the sheer size of this industry is enough to make any eradication effort illusory… The citizens and in particular the Rastafarians have campaigned until today to eradicate the illegal trade in marijuana. As well as its release from the plant, for personal use, as prescribed in the Rastafarian Religion.

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Domestic Culture, Dagga, Rastafarian, South Africa
A legalization of the most intelligent!

Thus on Friday March 31, 2017, the judges ordered the South African Parliament to revise the laws concerning drug trafficking, as well as the statute of certain illicit drugs ... Parliament had 24 months to amend the articles of the narcotics laws. Now, and according to the ruling of the Supreme Court justices, under privacy laws, it will now be possible to own, cultivate and use the cannabis plant. This authorization for domestic cultivation of Dagga (canabis) is only authorized for personal use!

Rastafarian Victory

The court ruling follows a petition filed for cannabis legalization with 20 members in South Africa. They claimed that declaring the laws governing the obtaining of medical cannabis is an offense, contrary to the Constitution ... In addition, their petition points out that the ban on cannabis is unjust, and incites discrimination against "blacks".

Domestic Culture, Dagga, Rastafarian, South Africa
Jeremy Acton & Rastafarian Garreth Prince

According to the Dagga party, the decision is a big step forward for the cannabis movement in South Africa. Dagga frontman Jeremy Acton and Rastafarian Garreth Prince pleaded last December for the de-criminalization of the substance. Battle won !! This is a great victory for the grass people.

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