Tips for growing auto-flowering species

tips for growing autoflowering species 6

Tips for growing auto-flowering species

Autoflowering or automatic species are Indica or Sativa plants crossed with Ruderalis, a type of cannabis that grows in areas where summer is very short, but whose light sometimes resides for up to 22 hours a day. They have always existed in the form of Ruderalis cannabis for thousands of years. The early days of autoflowering cannabis were difficult given the reviews and the lack of initial technique. Today they are growing in popularity day by day; attached some essential tips to start an "automatic" cannabis cultivation


The typical genetics of Ruderalis allows automatic flowering in a very short period, which can range from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Grown outdoors, these varieties can produce two or more crops in a normal summer… It is found in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and elsewhere in Central and Northern Asia. In 2005, a study found that C. ruderalis may in fact be a species in its own right, a “sister” species to cannabis indica and sativa.

Ruderalis, the "Wild Hemp"

Some of the claims against automatic strains are a bit outdated ... Although Ruderalis contains negligible amounts of mind-altering cannabinoids, advances in breeding have made it possible to combine the different flavors and strength of certain Indica and Sativa strains, creating a particularly potent weed. powerful and vigorous. Autoflowering cannabis seeds easily give an excellent harvest, contrary to what we have sometimes heard. It is just necessary to change the light cycles and remove the male plants.

Lower yields?

Do not get me wrong, autoflowering strains do not come directly from commercial growers, nor will they appear in clinics. Producers have visions of yield, and autoflowering strains for many do not meet these dreams ...

Autoflowering cannabis strains, such as LowRyder I, normally reach a height of about 40 to 50 cm

The Lowryder's performance was notorious, and for its small yields people avoided it en masse in its early days. And yet over the years she has been improved to become a star; today the Lowryder (II) grows to a height of 60-80cm, and can produce from 125g to 300g / m2 ...

Lowryder 2 Automatic is a perfect strain for those with limited space. As for the size, on average it grows to a height of 60-80cm with a structure in the shape of a Christmas tree

A Mazar Automatic will only yield 45 grams per plant, while a Moby Dick Auto will produce between 40 and 180 grams. So yes, the yield is lower than a standard feminized seed, but the personal calculation is still very affordable. Under artificial lighting, autoflowering species are able to go from seedling to full maturity in as little as ten weeks.

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Light exposure

To achieve respectable yields, the light exposure for autoflowering strains must be much longer. These strains thrive on 20 hours of light, they use 140 hours of light per week and can be harvested in 70 days or less… A plant that finishes in 70 days will consume 1400 hours of light in total, from beginning to end. For comparison, during the 98-day "regular" plant growth cycle, 1344 hours of light are required.

Perfect flowering of Northern Lights Automatic under HPS

A healthy vegetative phase for regular seeds is around four weeks or 28 days. To grow your “regular” plant will consume 504 hours of light and for an optimization in seventy days typical for auto-floats, 672 hours will be needed. Carefully calculate a shorter finishing time (28 days at most), to avoid higher electricity costs.

Setting for LED lights

Many autoflowering growers are also opting to experiment with other lighting methods. Some people choose LED lights; but these lights, although effective, have their own problem, including in the production in terms of yield and finish of autoflowering species ...

The famous Quasar automatic in bloom

The trick, although difficult to implement, is to determine the right distance between the LEDs and the “autoflowering” plants; if too close the buds can become stunted and if too far away the yield can become a disaster. The development of autoflowering species under LED is a real challenge, because gauging this distance by hand (as is done with sodium lamps) does not work. You will need to accommodate the distance and closely monitor the influence of light on your plant.

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Size counts

Autoflowering seeds should start in the pot where they end up… Indeed autoflowering species do not like to be transplanted and this can cause some problems… Traditionally experienced cannabis growers start their sowing in smaller containers… which allows high root development, then allowing safe repotting to a larger pot. But that cannot be done correctly with automatic seeds because these species simply hate to be transplanted. To know, autoflowering varieties cannot be cloned because they will automatically switch to flowering before they can root properly.

A typically “automatic” culture

Starting out in a much larger pot adds to the challenges, but this can be easily overcome. The shape of the pot is very important; one of 11l or 18l is recommended as they are deeper than they are wide which is ideal for autoflowering cannabis plants, as their growing time is short, they do not no need for a large space to develop.

A less powerful smoke?

Ruderalis on its own is indeed less potent, which has sometimes caused complaints among growers. A lot of people have speculated that Ruderalis made the weed bad and weaker, but these people didn't grow autoflowering strains…

Definitively Blueberry in essence, this autoflowering version displays all the specific advantages of its predecessor.

The taste, flavor and strength of the plant is the result of where it is high, especially in the case of an autoflower when it is cultivated correctly or not… Today we associate the strains of Indica and of Sativa with much more success than before, like the famous Blueberry which keeps the colors, the high and the flavor of the original. Autoflowering strains of marijuana are popular with growers and even reviewers ^^

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