Adidas & his vision of the cannabis future

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Adidas & its vision of the cannabis future - New adidas advertising campaign that shares the vision of a dark future

Adidas surprises with its new TV advertising campaign. The video of more than a minute has been broadcast in the middle of the presidential debate in the US and clearly shows once again its communication about cannabis in the near future ...


Hemp shoes

This is not the first time Adidas has shown support for the cannabis industry.


Last spring, Adidas released "snearkers" they named "Happy 4 / 20". At the time of 4 / 20, which left no doubt about his affiliation to marijuana.


However it was a marketing campaign, the pair worth 120 dollar was intended for a "happy" draw, and a few days before the 4 / 20 ...

"Your future not mine"

Adidas persists, the new ad describes for the first time (at Adidas) a shock argument and more or less future: "Your future not mine"

We see people who grope with confidence in alternative realities, braving the obstacles of a negative future.


One of the realities is men in protective clothing "biohazard" (against toxic materials) growing weed ... Here's how Adidas sees the future, "not mine" ^^

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